actresses with high foreheads

Actresses with high foreheads

Where in the US you won't be granted a divorce if you're pregnant. See Again. Smith has always had a large forehead, but maybe his hair back then distracted us from it.

Foreheads come in all shapes and sizes, and it's high time we celebrate those on the broader end of the spectrum. Celebrities with big foreheads have graced our screens with their talents and have become iconic in their own right. Four or five fingers might fit across these expansive brows, a trait shared by a surprising number of beloved public figures. From the stylish ensembles of Big Little Lies , actors with big foreheads like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Zoe Kravitz steal the spotlight with grace and panache. Pop culture lovers may notice that it's not just the women in the spotlight who boast this distinctive feature.

Actresses with high foreheads

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Location: Earth Wanderer, longing for the stars. I have noticed lately that some women - models, actresses, commentators - seem to have hairlines that start very high on the forhead. These look like a natural hairline, but what I find as curious is that women who had these high foreheads years back had thin, fine, hair. These women have thick manes. A few years back I would sometimes see this coupled with short, wispy hairs in front, not long enough to be bangs. Then, I saw a commentator who I often see. Her hair had slipped back a notch and I realized she was wearing a wig. So, now I am wondering if many of these women shave their hairline higher to more easily accommodate wigs? Or, perhaps it prevents longish hair from falling into their faces - a problem that is usually solved with bangs or clips and combs. Some of these women seem so unnatural that you can see the beginning of the dome of the skull curving backward.

Deschanel made her film debut in Lawrence Kasdan's comedy-drama Mumfordbut it was her role as the quirky, offbeat love interest actresses with high foreheads Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous that truly marked her arrival in Hollywood.


It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Today, several hairstyles have been invented to accentuate women's features or help them embrace those that might affect their confidence. Hairstyles for long faces and big foreheads are an excellent way of building your esteem and helping you accept your perceived flaws. A woman's hair and face are a significant part of her. While some love their natural hair, others love trying different styles and haircuts. On the other hand, some ladies love their natural skin, while others prefer to wear makeup. Either way, remember that you are beautiful and complete, whatever your perceived flaws. So, what are the best hairstyles for long faces and big foreheads? Women can play around with their hair colour and texture to achieve different looks.

Actresses with high foreheads

We have seen people with different facial features; big foreheads are also one of a kind. And some female actresses carry the look confidently and complement it with every look. They have always come up with new looks, highlighting or making their forehead the center of attention. These actresses have documented that having a large forehead is your best feature and enriches your beauty.

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Elliot Page - Page is up there in the ranking of the largest foreheads in Hollywood. I think a really low forehead can be unattractive too, though. Her performance in the film Spotlight, a riveting drama about investigative journalism, earned her an Academy Award nomination. It is free and quick. Despite the odds stacked against her, Leighton Meester's resilience and determination led her to become one of Hollywood's most beloved stars. From an exceptional actor to an ardent advocate for planet earth - Leonardo DiCaprio continues to inspire millions worldwide through his varied accomplishments. First Ladies' inauguration day fashion throughout history. Celeb Men Who Are V. Olivia Wilde - The stylish actress also has a somewhat pronounced forehead. What this weekend's new moon in Pisces means for your sign. Mena Suvari.

The forehead is an important facial feature that varies in size, shape, and prominence among individuals.

Celebrities with large foreheads. Inspirational women who changed history. Her diverse talents, coupled with her dedication to philanthropy, paint a picture of a versatile and conscientious entertainer. James Van Der Beek. She launched Fenty Beauty line which received widespread acclaim for its inclusivity promoting a broad array of shades suitable for different skin tones. Beyond acting, Hanks has proven himself as a skilled filmmaker with credits directing That Thing You Do! Suvari," in , further showcasing her creative abilities. More Tom Hanks. Yes, Baby Spice is definitely a fivehead! Actors who became TV hosts. Smith has always had a large forehead, but maybe his hair back then distracted us from it. Her older sister, Emily Deschanel, is also well-known for her acting prowess.

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