apple music playlist pictures

Apple music playlist pictures

Apple added a new feature to the Apple Music app in the first beta of iOS As of beta one, Apple provides eight different artwork styles featuring geometric shapes and gradients, with the title of the playlist in the top left corner. The colors used in the artwork are picked from the album artwork of whatever song is first in the playlist, apple music playlist pictures.

Page content loaded. Nov 20, PM in response to picas. I'm having the same issue as Psilocybe. I have several playlists, all with the collage of first 4 album covers as the artwork. However, I created a new playlist today my first since the As someone who greatly values the art on album covers, I have already left feedback for Apple with my request to at least have the option to have the collage.

Apple music playlist pictures

Hi, a few days ago I made a playlist, but unlike usual, my playlist cover looked blank and didn't automatically contain the album art of the songs I included in it. My other playlists are still normal, but not the playlists I made in the last few days. I've restarted and tried creating a new playlist but there's no change. My playlist cover remains blank. I need advice regarding this. Posted on Nov 30, PM. I really hate this update. I want at least the option to have album cover artwork collaged as the playlist cover. The cover album options they give you are so ugly. Page content loaded. Nov 30, PM in response to moch

Posted on Nov 30, PM. User profile for user: icewolf icewolf Author.

Now when creating a new playlist, of either an album or a compilation, cover artwork does not get updated and show adding to Library does allow artwork but you still can't then transfer this to your playlist. Instead on Playlists it defaults to a standard colour 'design' which has nothing to do with the original album or artist. I contacted apple support who advised this was to make it more aesthetic and pleasing, and that there is no option to revert to have album artwork. Is it just me, but surely most music lovers would much prefer to see album artwork rather than an impersonal and featureless design on their playlists - or at the very least have the option to choose this. The design patterns and colours vary but not by much, so if you have lots of playlists as I do, they're all going to look pretty much the same and difficult to distinguish very boring also!

You may want to change the cover of your new gym playlist with a photo of you working out to make it visually appealing and motivating. Either way, in Apple Music, you can change the playlist cover with your photo. And with iOS You can not only add any image to the playlist cover on Apple Music but with the new iOS Open the playlist that you want to edit the cover photo for. Tap on the metaballs menu three horizontal dots and select Edit. Now just swipe through the pre-designed cover options and stop at the cover you find perfect for the playlist. Then, simply tap Done on the top right to save it. If you want to use a picture of your own, tap on the Camera icon and select one of the three options:. After selecting the photo, adjust the image and tap on Use Photo if you have taken a photo or Choose if you selected an existing image from your iPhone.

Apple music playlist pictures

Spice up your Apple Music playlists by adding your own artwork. This not only personalizes your playlists but also lets you show off your creativity and music taste with animated covers. This post will walk you through the easy steps to add your own artwork to your Apple Music playlists , using pictures from your device or photo library. In earlier iOS versions, you could only use a basic album artwork tile or upload your own image for playlist customization. But in iOS 17 , there are eight new artwork styles for playlists, adding variety with shapes and gradients. However, you can always choose a personal image from your photos or the Files app.

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Dec 25, PM in response to 78blue Literally. You might see that your device is up to date and that there's an upgrade available. Nov 15, PM in response to Psilocybe The same way it works for you. Apple Music no longer shows album artwork on playlists Hi All, anyone else noticed this issue since the last Apple update? This is a backwards step. Jan 4, PM in response to moch I hate this update. I have found this to be a troubling trend with Apple over the last few years. Very well said. AirPods Pro 2. The iPhone 17 series is no different, and already we have some idea of what to expect from Apple's smartphone lineup. Apple— please listen.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have rebooted the phone, re-synced the music library on the phone, even removed all of the playlists, etc.

Not sure why they wouldn't leave the 4 thumbnails as an option. View in context. Open Menu. I wish I could just go straight into playlists… Yes please Apple bring it back. Get the most out your iPhone 15 with our complete guide to all the new features. Best regards. Not all albums in my collection have this stickiness, only some. Dec 22, AM in response to kliesel. I've restarted and tried creating a new playlist but there's no change. Bring back the old app design where you could customize the bottom navbar please. Get started with your Apple ID. Dec 4, AM in response to highcroft I am also having that issue. I am also having that issue. Welcome to Apple Support Community.

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