bodyboard size guide

Bodyboard size guide

Bodyboarding requires specific equipment for its riders. One of the main bodyboard size guide in the choice of a bodyboard is the size. It's a key element on which you have to pay specific attention as the size of your bodyboard will directly impact your ride on the wave. Usually, bodyboard size guide, the size of a bodyboard is defined by your size.

Bodyboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and have come a long way since their invention by Tom More in the seventies. Today, bodyboards have advanced and have become a popular type of surfboard, especially among people just starting out with the sport. Generally speaking, a bodyboard is a surfboard design for riding waves while lying down on the stomach instead of standing. It is therefore important to not only know your own body size, but especially which bodyboard size is the right fit for you to make the most out of your surfing experience. And one thing must be said in advance: the size of your bodyboard depends not only on your height, but also on several other factors that you should definitely consider before buying your bodyboard. In this article, you will learn everything about those factors and which bodyboard size is right for you. Then look no further, we have all the answers for you needed to make the right choice.

Bodyboard size guide

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Choosing the right tail shape for your bodyboard is essential as it the shape of tail has drastically different performance when it comes to movement in the water. There are two common tail shapes for bodyboard:. The downside of this is it feels a little looser on the wave, but is better for prone riders and performing manoeuvres with. The shape allows you to position your body so that your hips are on the back of the board, perfect for catching a wave. A bodyboard that is right for you or perhaps your child is essential in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of the sport. So whether you are wanting to get a board sorted for your next holiday to the coast or want a board that will see you through the first phase of your entry to a new sport, see what factors you need to prioritise when considering your next board. SIZE Choosing your first board as a beginner can seem like a tricky process, but the number one thing to consider before style is the size of your board. A size that is not appropriate will not allow you to get the most of your board and could leave you disappointed with your first outing on the waves with your new gear. Check out our sizing guide section for more information on how to get fitted up. Buying a really expensive board can be a waste of time as you will not be able to capitalise on its fine-tuned characteristics. An EPS core will provide just enough flex as well as great buoyancy and strength. Its cushioning extruded polyester foam will also help cushion your elbows and hips, two areas which can become irritated for first time bodyboarders. The EPS core also has great water resistance properties.

This is the most used tail at the moment.

We understand that selecting the right bodyboard size can be a bit tricky, so we've provided this size guide to help you make the best decision. However, if you can't find dimensions that exactly match your height and weight, don't worry, here are some tips! When in doubt, consider your weight first. This is because your bodyboard needs to provide the right amount of buoyancy to support you in the water. A heavier rider might sink too much into the water on a board that's too small, leading to drag and slowing you down. On the flip side, a board that's too large might float excessively, making it difficult to control and navigate through waves. So, if you're torn between sizes, choose a board that best aligns with your weight.

Bodyboarding Shop All. The Morey Cruiser was made for you. Check out the Morey Big Kahuna. Beach Gear Shop All. You are about to buy your first bodyboard and you see multiple varieties of bodyboard sizes and shapes. What even is the difference between a boogie board and bodyboard? NEW: Use our bodyboard size calculator by clicking here. It will automatically determine the perfect bodyboard size for you!

Bodyboard size guide

Bodyboarding Shop All. Built by Morey the company that invented the boogie board in t Beach Gear Shop All. The Morey Cruiser was made for you. Check out the Morey Big Kahuna. Tired of confusing size charts? Enter your height, weight, and board type below, and we'll automatically determine the best boards for you. NOTE: These numbers should just be used as a rough estimation.

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Clipped Crescent Tail The clipped crescent tail is the most popular crescent tail option. Company No. This unique channel system permits for a quick and responsive feel for line adjustments while trimming and driving down the line. We consider this core as the top of the range for cold waters. ISS Interchangeable Stringer System An insert which allows the user to change their stringer and therefore flex dependant on circumstance. If you are looking for a better board always make sure it has double rails. SIZE Choosing your first board as a beginner can seem like a tricky process, but the number one thing to consider before style is the size of your board. Bodyboard Size Guide: Bodyboard Size. Still not sure? Your knees will hit the tail while pumping with your fins. It distributes water flow the best way we can imagine.

Bodyboards come in various sizes and are made out of different materials. Choosing just any size will help you conquer the waves… but will also cause undue fatigue and stress. So how to choose the right Board Size?

Your Cart. Quad Concave. Which materials? NRG Core is 1. PRS Stringer. Good to know, next time you get some air time. The clipped crescent tail is the most popular crescent tail option. The most flexible of all 3 PP cores on the market. Bat Tail. Full Crescent Tail The full crescent tail is the most control oriented bodyboard tail.

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