Camaro ss 74

Increasingly, the Camaro was finding itself more alone in the slowly fading era of muscle cars and their overall popularity.

The second-generation Chevrolet Camaro is an American pony car that was produced by Chevrolet from through the model years. It was introduced in the spring of It was longer, lower, and wider than the first generation Camaro. A convertible, which was available for the first generation, was unavailable for the second. Dubbed "Super Hugger", [1] the second-generation Camaro was an all-new car with its basic mechanical layout familiar and engineered much like its predecessor with a unibody structure utilizing a front subframe, A-arm and coil spring front suspension, and rear leaf springs.

Camaro ss 74


Website Category Commons. Z28 foil decal on rear end panel. Others were the increasingly restrictive emissions requirements which caused engine power to be strangled.


Increasingly, the Camaro was finding itself more alone in the slowly fading era of muscle cars and their overall popularity. This required a major facelift on the Camaro. Rather than place an I-beam ram on the front of the car, Chevy was able to tactfully craft a bumper which met the requirements and still looked relatively stylish — to some people. In addition to this a new, now fiberglass front end nose was required. In the back, a matching aluminum bumper was used along with wrap around teardrop style taillights.

Camaro ss 74

Home » Chevrolet Camaro » Camaro. For , the Camaro underwent a multitude of changes including the facelift, and almost all of them were inspired by new federal safety and emissions guidelines. The new aluminum bumpers on the front and the back were added to comply with new 5 mph bumper regulations implemented by the government this year. It depends on which Camaro enthusiasts you talk to as to whether or not this was a good look for the car, but most will agree that Chevy did a better job complying to the new rules than many other car makers. In addition to the front end being redesigned for the new bumper, the back of the car was updated, as well, and now included wrap-around taillights as opposed to the former round ones. The new bumpers also forced a redesign of the trunk and rear quarter panel. The base six-cylinder was a CID that produced horsepower.

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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The Z28 hood included a rear-pointing raised scoop air induction with a solenoid operated flap which opened at full throttle, allowing the engine to breathe cooler air. Handyman 2dr Townsman 4dr. Brakes: inch, vented, cast-iron front discs with vacuum assist standard. Black-painted grille with bright argent outline. The Super Sport package was dropped, and the big block cu in 6. Save at SS Despite the loss of the Z28, Camaro sales remained steady for at , units. The hp kW; PS cu in 5. This change required a redesign of the rear quarter panel and trunk as well. Steering: Power Steering standard in all Z28s, with This required a major facelift on the Camaro. Get Yours. The side scoops were also changed from a louvered design to a flatter one with a single opening.

It presents well as a driver-quality vehicle and has no apparent need. It is listed here on eBay in Plano, Texas. We always appreciate input from our readers, meaning I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Larry D for spotting this beauty.

Impala SS. Click here for further rear axle decoding information. Sales topped all previous years with , units, of which 54, were the Z28 model. Free Catalog. Z28 gets 15 inch wheels, different alignment specs vs. The transmission was now equipped with a lockup torque converter, controlled by the CCC as well. In addition to this a new, now fiberglass front end nose was required. Article Talk. Toggle limited content width. Unchanged since Click here to see the specific Z28 Chassis Specifications. Caprice PPV. This predecessor to modern engine control modules had an oxygen sensor, an electronically controlled carburetor, a throttle position sensor, coolant sensors, a barometric pressure sensor, a Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor MAP , and a check engine light on the dash. The Cowl Trim Tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car.

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