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UK privacy laws limit the scope of information permitted for certain public access, claimfreecoins.


Claimfreecoins allows you to claim different cryptocurrencies by viewing advertising websites. For each claim, the bonus will be credited to the micro wallet corresponding to the cryptocurrency on the Faucethub. The graphic aspect of Claimfreecoins is simple and linear, and the only available language is English. Claimfreecoins is a free encryption faucet. Everyone can apply for 12 different cryptocurrencies every 5 minutes and get paid immediately through the faucet. Claimfreecoins is a very simple and easy-to-use bitcoin PTC website. Surfing advertising will be your only option to make money there. Browse your own ads — given the high profit of each ad, clicking on your own can still bring stable revenue.


You could collect several cryptocurrencies at Claimfreecoins. After the demise of Faucethub, it became very quiet around Claimfreecoins for months. The operator did not comment and so I had blacklisted the service here on Adiceltic. In March , however, I found that Claimfreecoins had reopened. Since then, everything has been running "normally" again at the multifaucet, which also offers other cryptocurrencies. The operator uses a very well-known and common faucet script, which is often used in the scene. I immediately signed up there and within a few minutes I had clicked the first coins bitcoin. My first impression is good, everything runs reliably, fast and works.

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