clayton cardenas

Clayton cardenas

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By Rosy Cordero. Del Castillo recently joined the series alongside Santiago Cabrera, who plays her brother Jorge Sanchez. But when the system fails and attempts to push her down, Thony refuses to be marginalized and instead takes matters into her own hands. Forced to use unconventional measures to protect her family and save the ones she loves; Thony further crosses the moral line as she gets deeper entwined in the criminal underbelly of Las Vegas. Miranda Kwok developed the series and co-showruns alongside fellow executive producer Jeannine Renshaw. Rose Marie Vega and Paola Suarez also are executive producers. Shay Mitchell and David Dean Portelli are executive consultants.

Clayton cardenas

Clayton Cardenas is a multi-talented American star. He is an actor, film director, writer, and movie producer. Besides that, Cardenas is good at painting and spoken-word poetic performances. Most fans know him for portraying Angel Reyes in Mayans M. Cardenas stumbled on acting and quickly mastered the art. Today, he is among the best actors , writers, producers, and directors in the industry. Clayton Cardenas has acted, written, produced, and directed numerous films and television programs. On top of that, he paints unique pieces of art and does spoken-word stage performances. Clayton Cardenas is an American national with Hispanic roots. The American actor has a mixed ethnic background. His grandfather, John Cardenas, was Filipino-Mexican. Clayton Cardenas is 37 years old as of October

FBI 7. Deadline is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Season 4 Teaser.


During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, Cardenas talked about getting to explore all the layers of his characters, the freedom the actors have as they collaborate with James, the consequences that resulted from their actions at the end of Season 3, how they learned about what would come next, the emotions they go through when reading the scripts, and what fans should brace themselves for at the start of Season 4. Interestingly enough, you see his brother assimilating into the club, at the same time. But season after season, Angel has been finding ways to, I would say, sabotage himself, which is all stemming from the Reyes family curse. A lot of the times, in the past, the roles I was given were basically one-dimensional characters. And with this, with the writing, starting with Kurt Sutter and now with it handed off to Elgin James, you have layer after layer, after layer given to you, and that just excites me. If you feel that you need to say it a certain way for you to get your point across, please say it your way. When you got to the end of Season 3 and you had all of these very angry, armed dudes outside of the gates of the clubhouse with nothing but a strong need for payback and blood, what did you think would happen next? Did you have any idea where that moment was going to go next, at the time?

Clayton cardenas

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Recently viewed. The actress played Leticia Cruz on Mayans M. By Rosy Cordero. What is Clayton Cardenas known for? See all. Clayton Cardenas is an American national with Hispanic roots. Khali the Killer Official Trailer. Mundo Short. Related news. Make your IMDb page stand out by adding a demo reel. Edit page. Add demo reel with IMDbPro.

And while the Reyes family is seemingly more divided than ever, having the common goal of seeking justice for the death of their mother just might bring EZ JD Pardo and Angel Clayton Cardenas back together. Collider: The Season 2 premiere sets up so many interesting possibilities. How much did you know about?

Personal details Edit. Learning to work with baby Maverick James was exciting and challenging at the same time. In addition to acting, Cardenas is a spoken-word poet and painter whose large-scale canvas work has caught the attention of collectors across. Watts View All. Season 2: Official Trailer. FAQ 6 Powered by Alexa. He was born on 24 November Diego Diego Castillo. Clayton Cardenas is a multi-talented American star. Therefore, Clayton and the rest of the cast had to work around the infant co-star. How much have you seen?

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