ebay can you cancel a bid

Ebay can you cancel a bid

Koszyk 0. Przenieś na półkę. Whatever you call it--an online auction house, the world's largest flea market, or a vast social experiment--no metaphor completely describes the huge trading community that is eBay. Underneath it all, eBay is also a computer program and a complex socio-economic system, requiring experience, finesse, and the right tools to master.

Ending an auction-style listing early once it has received a bid can lead to disappointed and frustrated buyers who may be less likely to bid on listings the next time around, so you may be charged a fee if you end a listing early. This fee is equal to the final value fee not including shipping charges you would have paid if the listing had ended on its own and sold for the highest bid received when the seller ended the listing. This fee isn't charged if you end an auction-style listing early and sell to the high bidder. In this case, final value fees apply. This fee doesn't apply to listings in the Real Estate and eBay Motors vehicle categories, and the Classified Ads selling format.

Ebay can you cancel a bid

I won that kind of auction that my location was not on his list btw both countries are in EU. I tried to contact him and i wanted to pay extra for post or courier but he cancel entire thing because i didnt pay in the end ebay didnt let me go through to payment. I won with low price it could be a reason. So does seller has tools to change shipping and update courier price for new country after auction is over and buyer is from another country not suported location Is this lack of good will? If the seller was willing to ship to your location, he would have provided for it when he set up the listing. You should not bid on a listing that does not ship to your location. If you want an exception to any of the terms in a listing, including shipping, you should ask about that BEFORE you bid. Perhaps he thinks the Polish postal service is inadequate. Perhaps he had a bad breakup with a Polish girlfriend 20 years ago. Perhaps he only wants to ship domestically which is the case with many US sellers. He would be wise to set his Shipping terms to automatically Block any country he does not ship to.

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Ebay can you cancel a bid

The site allows users to sell everything from musical instruments to clothes to cars, making it possible to find even the most obscure items with just a few clicks. If you're the highest bidder, these items can be yours. While generally speaking, bids on eBay are binding and you will be required to pay for the item in question if you win it, there are cases in which eBay will allow you to retract a bid you've placed.

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If you made a mistake when typing in your bid, or if the description of the item drastically changed after you placed your bid, then eBay allows you to retract it. Here's when and how you can cancel your bid. That said, you can't always cancel your bid.

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