The combination of these etfdb tools with the robust ETF categorization system maintained by ETFdb gives investors a powerful, free resource for comparing exchange-traded products on dozens of different metrics, including expenses, historical returns, etfdb, and yields. The enhancements to ETFdb.

The month of May was a generally disappointing stretch for investors, as both international and domestic equity markets struggled to overcome obstacles new and old. Commodities, which had been a nice source of absolute returns for much of the last year, fell on hard times as well; precious metals went into a brief freefall, and most other natural resources saw price declines as well. May demonstrated the importance of a meaningful allocation to fixed income within any long-term portfolio, as most bond ETFs turned in nice gains during the month. Though most equity ETFs finished May in negative territory, there were a handful of bright spots among the hundreds of ETFs that slice and dice the global stock market into hundreds of different segments. The following table includes the best performer during the month of May from every equity ETFdb Category :. Commodity market were generally hammered in May, but there were a few bright spots in each grouping:. Click here to read the original article on ETFdb.


As the ETF industry continues to expand at a rapid pace, investors are now introduced to some of the most intriguing and useful products available on the financial market. There are now over 1, exchange-traded products that allow you to gain cheap, liquid and highly transparent access to nearly every corner of the investable universe. ETF Screener. This free, flexible resource lets users slice and dice the universe of more than 1, exchange-traded products in countless ways. The screener displays results in a tabbed format that allows investors to sort and filter using more than a dozen different metrics related to fees, yields and returns. Comparing ETFs can be somewhat of a daunting task considering the vast array of products investors have to chose from. But for some, comparing the best and worst of the ETF universe on a number of simple factors can be the quickest way to either narrow down the space or find the outperformers and the biggest losers. ETF Launch Center. As the ETF industry continues to expand at an impressive rate, issuers remain very active on the product development front, rolling out a number of new funds every week. With new product launches becoming more frequent, it can be somewhat overwhelming for investors to keep track of all the new ETFs. ETFdb Portfolios Page. The ETFdb Portfolios page is perhaps one of the most useful tools on our website, offering investors unique insights on how ETFs can fill your investment needs. Within each ETFdb portfolio is a detailed write-up of the investment thesis behind the portfolio, as well as in-depth analysis of each component and our selection process.

With the future of the economic environment etfdb uncertain, etfdb, investors are reevaluating what I think I'll be using that one for a while.

The symposium took place on March 13 and featured many perspectives from a range of asset managers. Equity investing topics covered included factors, valuation, thematic trends for this year, emerging markets, active management, and ex-U. To watch and receive CE credits, you can register for the replay here. Use our database tool to find ETFs issued by one of over 70 different issuers quickly and easily. At the end of Exchange , VettaFi shared an exciting announcement: Exchange will take With the future of the economic environment remaining uncertain, investors are reevaluating what See More Feature Stories.

ETF Database is devoted to giving our audience information that is truthful, unbiased, and authoritative. Our objectives are threefold:. See articles here , here , and press release here. Free resources on this site include screening tools to sort through ETFs by asset class, region, expenses and other specific requirements. Tom is a graduate of the University of Alberta and an online financial media veteran. Tom is also the President of Global Trends Investments, a full service money management firm. He has been a high-profile presenter at the largest industry trade shows and investment conferences in the U. Our ETF newsletters are full of performance data, portfolio advice, and actionable investment ideas. We equip financial and individual advisors financial with the ability to screen, compare, and analyze data in the ever-growing world of ETFs. Visit our ETF Tools page for more information.


They are spread across a vast range of asset classes, industries, issuers, and investment styles. Equity U. ETF Directory. Metric: A to Z. Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Wisdom Tree Asset Management Inc. Consistent Growth BlackRock, Inc. BlackRock, Inc. BlackRock Financial Management. Charles Schwab.

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Total Bond Market. Post by Phineas J. Alt Energy. Michael Johnston. Utilities Equities. Whoopee » Fri Aug 07, am Apologies for any offense, sbarrack. Share icon An curved arrow pointing right. Feel free to drop any of us a note , or leave a comment below. Read next. With these filtered results come the complete package of analytics; once you use the ETF screener to identify funds that match your investment criteria, comparing the choices on a variety of metrics is easy.

Compare ETF themes based on popular financial metrics, including 3-month fund flows, 3-month return, AUM , expense ratio, dividend yield and issuer revenue. Compare countries, industries, asset classes and more, to find out how they rank relative to their peers.

CMC Crypto The enhancements to ETFdb. Click here to read the original article on ETFdb. Alt Energy. All rights reserved. However, I can't tell anything from the ETF screener info, as there's no associated date. Corporate Bonds. Post by sbarrack » Fri Aug 07, am. Post by pkcrafter » Thu Aug 06, pm. Technology Equities. Again, the sorting capabilities allow for customized manipulation of the various ETF data points. It seems to me that the data is no longer updating, and I am wondering if it is just me. Whoopee » Fri Aug 07, am. Industrials Equities.

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