face split accident

Face split accident

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This is so heartbreaking, being the mother of two sons I an only imagine how this boys parents and family must feel. My heart goes out to them. How amazing that he was still alive at that stage after so much damage to his skull. What a tragedy! Anon, it's not fake.

Face split accident


What if a family member of this boy were to stumble onto this discussion board?


Face Split Incident , also known as the Face Split Accident or Diving Face Split Video , is a viral gore video in which a man dives off a bridge aiming for the water but instead splits open his face vertically. The jump video is then followed by footage of the man in the ER, showing that he's still conscious as a doctor pushes his face back together that's split down the middle. It was purportedly filmed in Beruit, Lebanon sometime in June It gained infamy online during the late s after it was posted to Reddit , potentially first surfacing on the now defunct website Liveleak. The video later gained increased awareness in and , via newfound notoriety on TikTok as a form of shock media. Very Graphic!! The video was later removed by the subreddit screencap shown below. In the comment section of the Reddit [1] post, Redditor YourHumbleNarrator left a long-form comment [2] that outlined the purported background of the video. Lindsay then shifted as to whether or not the video was real or fake, citing rumored speculation about the secondary ER video being unrelated to the first diving video, writing:.

Face split accident

Growing up with the internet , a lot of young people were exposed to shock videos that fall under the dreadful category of gore. Whether it was your older brother or an edgy friend at school showing you, many Zoomers and Millennials have seen the infamous "Face Split Incident " video at least once. If you didn't see it against your will in a middle school locker room, chances are you've now heard of it on YouTube and TikTok in the same vein that creepypastas are often discussed and immortalized. If that's the case, you were probably told not to Google it, yet here you are.


Trustafarian in a shackteau, slumming it up in the barrio. Either way, it was probably better for him to die. I love keeping my lexicon simple when I complicate phrase articulation my friends themselves joke about me boasting of my PhD and talking complicated! This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. Although, I understand you cannot do much about this. I a good "how I learned me lesson" kind of video for impressionable and intrepid teens who think they are immortal. Fortunately, my collision was not nearly so fatal or grotesque and the only remnant of my trauma is a slight ridge on my nose and a thin scar above my lip. Yes, there still are sexist men who think women only exist for sex, cooking and cleaning. The doctor a couple of times takes the sides of his face and pushes them together to make a whole face again. Let the stupid rid themselves of this world. Also lots of shock and horror videos - if it bugs you, don't read or watch. You never really totally figure out what really happened. The hospital scene may be a failed shotgun suicide.

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When i have whatched this video,I ve realy hoped that he is ok It really seemed like I was no longer living in the USA. What was the purpose of a comment like that? Val sounds like short for Valerie so I thought woman, but then you commenting style is very male, shall I say. I must say when I saw his head I thought please let him go I agree with Anonymous, the sex talk is very strange and leaves me wondering about some of you screw-heads The music is from a medical soap opera that may or may not still be on TV. He wasn't unfortunate, the guy was an idiot. Look before you leap, if it's a high dive or the barrel of a gun. Hello Robert, Thank you very much for the complete information you give on this video. Hey Robert From seing this vid i got curious about to know if the boy survived this clearly fatal jump.

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