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Got talisa

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She was killed at the Red Wedding. When Talisa was 12, her parents went to a wedding and left her with her younger brother. They and other children went for a swim in the River Rhoyne. While she was distracted, her brother drowned. Talisa and her friend pulled him to the shore, but he was dead.

Got talisa

Queen Talisa Stark , a member of the Maegyr family. Maegyr [1] [a] [b] is an old family name in Volantis. During rewrites, Robb Stark's romantic interest began to get an increasingly different backstory than in the novels. George R. Martin himself suggested the name Maegyr as an old Volantene name to accommodate the changes from his source novels. Triarchs like Malaquo Maegyr are elected from amongst those noble families who can prove unbroken descent from old Valyria. Malaquo Maegyr is a "Tiger," from the "Old Bloods" political faction who favor more resource allocation into preparing for war. Fittingly, the sigil next to the onscreen credit for Oona Chaplin in the opening titles, who portrays Talisa Stark , is two tigers circling one another. Nevertheless, Volantene families do not employ sigils, which is a Westerosi custom. Wiki of Westeros. Blood for blood. Fire to fire. House of the Dragon : Season 2 will premiere in June Wiki of Westeros Explore.

More to explore. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Maegyr [1] [a] [b] is an old family name in Volantis, got talisa.

The decision to change the character resulted in both Robb Stark and his wife having more autonomy, since Talisa is a battlefield medic, and Robb selfishly choosing to be with her out of love instead of out of duty-compelled obligation following a tryst. Their romance is one of the better ones on Game of Thrones , developing naturally and making both Robb and Talisa more interesting by bringing out hidden strengths in each character. As a result of this character change, the Red Wedding becomes even more impactful compared to the books, since Talisa meets a tragic end at the feast, whereas the less developed Jeyne Westerling is absent from the bloody Riverland wedding at the Twins. Nine noble families fight for control over the lands of Westeros while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for millennia. Despite some valid criticisms regarding the treatment of female characters , the Game of Thrones universe and George R. Other women leverage their status and wealth to claim power in the male-dominated world, like queens Cersei Lannister Lena Headey and Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke. However, what Game of Thrones originally lacks is strong female characters whose power doesn't stem from their social status or proficiency with a weapon, and Talisa is exactly that.

Talisa Maegyr is played by Oona Chaplin. Talisa was born a noble woman from a city called Volantis. At the age of 12, her parents left to attend a wedding and left her in charge of her younger brother. After a short while, she realized that her brother was missing and after looking for him, discovered him face down in the water. The slave eventually managed to revive him.

Got talisa

Chaplin spent her childhood mostly in Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Cuba, but travelled often because of her mother's film career. When Chaplin was 15, she began studying at Gordonstoun School in Scotland on a drama scholarship. She has also had supporting roles in British and American television. Chaplin joined the cast of James Cameron 's Avatar sequels in June Her character, Varang, is described as "a strong and vibrant central character who spans the entire saga of the sequels". Chaplin is a trustee of The Boa Foundation, an international organization that works with indigenous communities to regenerate degraded ecosystems and protect biodiversity. Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk. Read Edit View history.


The Independent. Vhagar Caraxes Syrax Meleys. Rickon Stark Deceased. They meet when Robb captures the Crag , an ancient and decaying stronghold which serves as the seat of House Westerling. He does not suspect that the Westerlings at least Jeyne's mother and uncle collaborate with the Lannisters, as revealed in A Feast for Crows. Talisa was so inspired by the slave's selfless act, that she decided two things: first, that when she came of age, she would not waste her years dancing with other nobles; second, she would never live in a place where slavery was legal again. House of the Dragon : Season 2 will premiere in June The Black Queen. Eskawata Kayawai. In doing so, Robb Stark becomes a more complicated contender for the throne to root for, with motivations that feel more human and values that go beyond Ned Stark's influence. This article is about the actress. Ira Parker George R. Made for Love 6. Play trailer Treason Robb watches Talisa as she leaves and Catelyn reminds him that he is not free to love where he will.

She was killed at the Red Wedding. When Talisa was 12, her parents went to a wedding and left her with her younger brother.

Lord Walder rises to toast Robb, stating that he has yet to give his new queen a wedding gift. The discrepancy was later explained by Chaplin's character originally being conceived as being similar to Jeyne Westerling from the novels, even named the same, but then moving further and further away during rewrites. Upcoming 3. Don't have an account? Retrieved 17 May Brandon Stark Deceased. Ramsay Bolton Deceased. Start a Wiki. Credits Edit. The Longest Ride 7. The Black Queen.

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