happy elton john songs

Happy elton john songs

Fortunately, he forged on, happy elton john songs into each new era of rock and branching into film and Broadway with comparable success and his signature aplomb and style. John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwigh t on March 25,and showed an affinity for playing the piano at a young age.

It can make any discussion about your Elton favorites feel like a schizophrenic experience. Arguably no artist outside of The Beatles has meant more to both the pop and rock canons over the last 60 years than Elton John, having accomplished nearly every measure of success and longevity that a musician could hope to achieve in either genre. Happy upcoming birthday to Sir Elton. To everyone else, come blast off with us on a timeless flight into one of the most out-of-this-world catalogs in the history of popular music. Few artists in Hot history have had as much success revisiting their older work as Elton John, who had two No.

Happy elton john songs

Where does someone even start when making their way through the expansive catalogue of Elton John's music? That's about as easy of a question as the one that follows: which song is the best? With a career spanning five decades, over 50 Top 40 hits, and million records sold, it's not like finding a good Elton John song is particularly difficult. But of the whole crop, the flamboyant rocker has had a few that seem to rise to the top of the heap. From the song that serves as the name for his biopic , to the album that started his career, here are the 30 best songs to come from one of the greatest musicians of all time. While John is mostly known for his soft rock and rock pop hits, "Madman Across the Water" gives a little more of a glimpse into his purely rock artistry. It's easily one of the tracks he has the most fun with, but it's not as much of a standout as the song that followed it, "Crocodile Rock. After a strange late '70s turn to disco, the pseudo-ballad pushed John back into the spotlight. The song reached No. Of all his early '80s ballads, this is one that manages to push Elton in a new direction while carrying a big dose of the past along with him. The duet with Kiki Dee came at a time when John was careening toward bonafide superstar status. He later re-released the song as a duet with RuPaul even dancier and more fabulous , but the original remains canon. The hit was Elton John and Bernie Taupin at their best: catchy music and ear worm lyrics that stand the test of time. Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to the single that calls back to the relationship between John and Lennon, with reference to the mountain of flowers that mourners left for John in the wake of his death. Still working with Bernie Taupin, the lyrics and rhythm were early proof that John had what it took to last the long haul.

And not a good episode, either. The stripped-down version on Live From Moscow is perhaps the best, capturing an earnest yearning. The most gospel track of the album also features one of its few pure electric-guitar solos.

As the singer-songwriter sets off on one last bombastic world tour, we rank his greatest 50 songs. Elton starts a six-year break from otherwise career-long songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. Recorded when Sir Elton Hercules John was still Pinner, Middlesex teenager Reg Dwight, a classically trained pub pianist and occasional session musician. A fine early career effort from his youthful rhythm and blues outfit. From late period, minimalist gem The Diving Board , EJ evokes the poetry and spiralling piano runs of his early years with this lovely insight into the mind of a blind Deep South bluesman. This is a beautiful song about a fading love.

Today, Elton John turns For more than 50 years — two thirds of his life — the Rocket Man has provided fans with the soundtrack of their lives. That includes his fellow artists. See latest videos, charts and news. Trending on Billboard. I fell in love with the melody and the lyrics of the song, it takes a deeply complicated feeling — saying goodbye to a part of your life— and makes it feel transcendent. Even at 12 years old I thought this song was really special and I still do. I love artists at their beginning.

Happy elton john songs

If we were handed the awesome task of handpicking a one-off gig from Sir Elton John, these are the songs we'd definitely want on the list. With Elton John's own movie Rocketman a big hit and now back to being a chart regular into his 70s and headlining Glastonbury, what better reason to look back at his greatest ever songs? This song closed Elton's album Breaking Hearts , and was also released as a single. The lyrics describe how it sometimes helps for someone who is feeling blue, to listen to old radio blues tunes. Bernie Taupin wrote this song after reading an article about a Vietnam War veteran who had been wounded, and wanted to get away from the attention he was getting back home. This song is a rather mournful ballad about a relationship which is sadly falling apart.

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The soft rock ballad is lyrical storytelling at its finest. Among his many honors and accolades, John was honored with knighthood in for his services to music and charitable services. The resulting ballad is not only the standout of Blue Moves but felt for a long time like it might be the last word from super-not-couple Taupin and John. Elton John is as bold and excellent a first proper debut for a new artist as has maybe ever been released. But nowhere so much as this straightforward song about writing songs. When I started the album, I had one son. The weirdest Brits performances - ranked! Not only was this ballad about the pain of rejection a hit in — reaching number two on the Hot and garnering two Grammy nominations — but it found a whole new generation of fans and more accolades almost 20 years later. If you watch carefully, you can see a young Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli in this music video as one of the dancers. Luckily the good ear and good sense of his label — or more often rogue radio DJs — prevailed, sending unexpected tracks rocketing up charts. Get in the know on Visit Billboard Pro for music business news. This song sounds like it was programmed by an AI, and approximately 75 percent of the lyrics are literally just the title words with some crunchy synth. Coming a year after his coolly received Duets album in which included a No.

How is Elton John still having hits? It's been 52 years since "Your Song" announced the arrival of a major talent in the making. And here he is, topping the U.

An early hint of brilliance. A scathing indictment of casual indifference to politics I think? He has ten of everything. Once again, John manages to amplify the raw emotion of the lyrics with his melody and phrasing. It petered out at No. Less than a decade after their first meeting, the sweet and simpler times were already calling out wistfully to Bernie Taupin, who penned the lyrics for most of Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy just in time to hand them off for Elton John as he disembarked on a trans-Atlantic sailing. They're not calling this the blues, though, right? On the upside, when the band finally retreated back to France they had enough songs for a double album — and they brought the weed with them. So while there are technically hundreds of B-sides to be found on Spotify or in the indices of older biographies, most of them released only as the LPs enjoyed at least one if not multiple remastering and reissues, I have not included them. This email will be used to sign into all New York sites. There's no shame in that. PJ Harvey's 50 greatest songs — ranked! Is it any surprise that this was another number one hit for John?

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