harry potter characters react to ships

Harry potter characters react to ships

Me:Okay everyone the ship today this chapter is Tomarry!

They react to some pretty interesting ships! Requested by: zohaven. Dobby: originally commented by many people, but originally from a random fanfic Dobby has always wanted clothes, but not like this. Harper: I agree with you completely, people , you deserve an award. Draco: Were you being serious or sarcastic? Also, that was a Tumblr post

Harry potter characters react to ships


Drapple Part 2. Huna Harry x Luna. This ship sure is strange, that's for sure.


Rowling has revealed a number of tidbits of information about the Wizarding World. Despite having no formal qualifications Harry never sat his N. In , J. Harry was a VIP at the event, where he met up with Viktor Krum, who was playing for Bulgaria — the ultimate winners of the tournament. In the epilogue, we learned that Ron Weasley married Hermione Granger. Together they had two children: Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley. Ron also obtained a Muggle driving licence, but placed a Confundus Charm on the driving instructor to do so. Hermione Granger returned to Hogwarts after the events of book seven and sat her N. She became Minister for Magic herself after the retirement of Kingsley Shacklebolt. At the Ministry she continued her work with S.

Harry potter characters react to ships

The Harry Potter series is one of the most popular franchises in the world. Over the course of seven books which were adapted into eight movies, the series told the story of a kid named Harry Potter, who is plucked from his ordinary home with his uncle and aunt, and thrown into a world of magic and mayhem where he is pitted against the most evil wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort. The Harry Potter movies start off as whimsical fairy tales for kids but grow steadily darker with each new installment. A lot of characters that fans know and love are killed off by the end of the series. But still others survive that quite frankly should not have.

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New Reading List. Draco and neville. I thought that Hagrid and Harry were weird. Harthur Arthur x Hermione. New people in this story. This is already getting so strange; I didn't even think these ships existed. Jilly James x Lily. Snockhart Snape x Lockhart. Luna: Agreed. Snape x neville. Charmione Charlie x Hermione. Snape x harry.

I won't exactly download all the potter problem cards so I'll just list them also skip to the line below if you dont want to read my rant. Not sure if it's a coincidence or a Potterhead. I have to say I'm guilty of this one.

Harry x Hermione. Charry Cho x Harry. Squidlily Giant Squid x Lily evans. Tonsquid Giant Squid x Tonks. Padfoot x harry. Snape x harry. Send to Friend. Where stories live. New Reading List. Malfoyces Lucius x Draco. Draco: Bloody hell, Granger, I didn't know these ships existed! Log in Sign Up. Have any weird ships like this one?

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