hearthstone lich king warrior deck

Hearthstone lich king warrior deck

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Hearthstone lich king warrior deck

Forgot your password? It is a Fatigue Warrior deck that uses Kel'Thuzad to stall the game until massive amounts of fatigue damage can be used to defeat the boss. It is an expensive deck to craft and as such is intended for experienced players. This forces the game into a long battle against the increasing damage of Remorseless Winter in the late-game. This deck aims to stall the game to reduce the late-game damage taken from Remorseless Winter so that the boss may be killed through massive amounts of fatigue damage, while using Dead Man's Hand to avoid taking fatigue damage for yourself. This deck requires Kel'Thuzad as a key part of its strategy and it should always be kept in your opening hand if you have it, despite its high Mana cost. Brawl is another powerful card that will greatly aid your strategy later in the game and you should also look for it if you already have Kel'Thuzad. The early-game turns are fairly straight forward, the aim is to keep the board clear using weapons and any removal spells you have available, this deck requires no removal spells in the late-game. If you do not already have Brawl and Kel'Thuzad in hand, you should try to use additional card draw from Slam to try and draw into these cards ready Frostmourne on Turn 7. Once Frostmourne has been played aim is to reduce the number of Trapped Soul s on the board from 6 to 1. Brawl is the simplest way to achieve this and should be used if it is available, however it can also be done using a combination of removal spells like Shield Slam and Execute. During the Frostmourne phase, the boss will not play any cards and the aim is to take advantage of that by using Kel'Thuzad in combination with a Taunt minion to prevent you from taking any damage to stall the game.

The stats this card brings, however, is worth the cost. Home » Wild Decks » Warrior. Format: hydra Season: season Posted By: Stonekeep 5,

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This post will be constantly updated over the early expansion period roughly the first days. March of the Lich King is the third expansion of the Year of the Hydra New class is a big deal in Hearthstone, and assuming that it will be viable it looks like it will from the early playtesting , it will shake up the meta in a major way. Since DK is a new class, we expect most people trying it out on Day 1, so you might see more DK decks than decks for other classes. Once the expansion launches, we give streamers some time to open packs and create the decks, then start posting. Around Day 3, we generally tend to stop posting everything and focus on high win rate decks or decks that achieved high Legend placements. A deck can be popular one day and then turn out to be really bad.

Hearthstone lich king warrior deck

Beating him a single time to earn a free pack is one thing. Beating him with all nine classes to earn a sweet animated Arthas portrait for the Paladin class takes some doing. I've skewed towards budget lists, and avoided recommending niche strategies that rely on one-in-a-million mulligans. Because once you do kill them all, the Lich King gains his final hero power, which deals escalating damage to you every turn, meaning you need to end the game quickly.

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Forgot your password? Once he has been defeated once with each class, you will be awarded the Prince Arthas skin for your Paladin Hero.

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