hooded justice

Hooded justice

Hooded Justice's origin is never revealed. There are many hints throughout the book that hooded justice is in fact Rolf Muller. None of the characters in Watchmen ever saw his face with the exception of Captain Metropolis. He was a member of the Minutemen, hooded justice.

Hooded Justice was the first person to become a masked vigilante. Never appearing without his mask on, his identity was a mystery to even his fellow Minutemen , and his lover, Captain Metropolis. At some point, a German-American man decided to become a violent, crime fighting vigilante, donning a hood and cloak to hide his identity. He first made his public appearance in the autumn of when he violently stopped a gang from assaulting a young couple. A week later, he intervened in an armed robbery at a supermarket. It was his second appearance in which the public gave him his name, Hooded Justice.

Hooded justice

These characters were originally based on the Mighty Crusaders [1] and then reworked in an unsolicited proposal to fit superhero properties DC had acquired from Charlton Comics in the early s. Since the publisher planned to integrate Charlton's superheroes into the main DC Universe and the script would have made many of them unusable for future stories, series writer Alan Moore eventually agreed to create original characters. Moore wished the main characters to present six "radically opposing ways" to perceive the world, and to give readers of the story the privilege of determining which one was most morally comprehensible. The protagonists of Watchmen were reused in the prequel series Before Watchmen , which also gave backstories to several minor characters from the original graphic novel, and introduced new characters. Later on, several Watchmen characters reappeared in the limited series Doomsday Clock , bringing them into the main DC Universe. The television series Watchmen is set in the same canon as the limited series, taking place in in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Crimebusters are a superhero group that succeeds the Minutemen and are the main characters of Watchmen. The group was short-lived when the Keene Act that forbade non-government sanctioned superheroes was passed. Among its notable members are:. Moore and Gibbons saw the Comedian as "a kind of Gordon Liddy character, only a much bigger, tougher guy". He, therefore, chooses to become a mockery of society, fighting and killing without reservation. Blake's murder, which takes place shortly before the story begins in , sets the plot of Watchmen in motion. The character appears throughout the story in flashbacks and aspects of his personality are revealed by other characters. In the Watchmen film, he is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Dan lied to Laurie about her being a hooded justice lover of his, and passed her off as a criminal who was fixated on him to hide their relationship. He is often accompanied by his genetically engineered lynxhooded justice, Bubastis. Later a dead body supposedly belonging to former circus strongman Rolf Muller is found.

Hooded Justice was a costumed adventurer and the first masked vigilante to appear in the United States. A violent and brutal seeker of justice, he inspired several others to don costumes, masks, and gimmicks, later joining the Minutemen along with them. His real identity was kept secret even from his fellow crimefighters, and remained as such when he vanished in At some point near the end of the Great Depression, an American man with a German accent decided to become a violent, crime fighting vigilante, donning a hood and cloak to hide his identity. He first made his public appearance in the autumn of when he violently stopped a gang from assaulting a young couple.

The ending of Watchmen 's spectacular premiere episode created a fog of questions around Will Reeves , the show's mysterious old man who may or may not have hanged a police chief. Who is he? How the hell did he climb a tree? Does he possess super-strength? We know that, in the world of Watchmen , there is only one hero capable of superhuman abilities. And that guy, allegedly, lives on Mars. So, in Episode Two, Damon Lindelof and his creative team had a lot of explaining to do.

Hooded justice

This article contains major Watchmen spoilers. So who is Nelson Gardner, and what do we know about Captain Metropolis? Additional information about Captain Metropolis can be found in the Before Watchmen: Minutemen prequel by Darwyn Cooke and two Watchmen supplements for a DC Heroes roleplaying game from the s, which happens to feature the only additional information about the Watchmen universe ever approved by Alan Moore. Ad — content continues below. Captain Metropolis was indeed the driving force behind the formation of the Minutemen in along with the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter , and he did have a long sexual relationship with Hooded Justice. And as we see on the show, Gardner also held a number of reactionary views, the seeds of which were present in the book. Gardner was reactivated by the Army after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and served during World War II in his civilian identity, keeping him too busy for crimefighting as Captain Metropolis. Still, Gardner remained active until the s, before his life was cut short in an automobile accident on Aug. The accident decapitated him, and curiously, his head was never found.


They know that Veidt orchestrated the squid attack and they plot to destroy Doctor Manhattan so that their leader Joe Keene Jr. Nelson Gardner then arrived on the scene and disposed of his lover's body by setting the HQ on fire. In the season one finale, Veidt engineers a frozen squidfall over the city of Tulsa, killing Lady Trieu and thousands of others in the surrounding area before she is able to absorb Doctor Manhattan's powers. Since he works for the U. The group was short-lived when the Keene Act that forbade non-government sanctioned superheroes was passed. He was never actually unmasked, and Metropolis burned down the headquarters with his former lover's body inside; it later turns out that the Comedian was the one who misdirected Mason to believe that Justice was Muller, so Ozymandias was partially right. His true identity remained unknown to his fellow Minutemen. In the film, he is portrayed by an uncredited Danny Woodburn. In the Watchmen film, he is portrayed by Patrick Wilson , who put on 25 pounds 11 kg [14] in between the filming of his flashback scenes and the scenes, showing the physical decline of his character. Over the next eight years, Veidt was able to briefly escape the ecosystem to leave a message to Lady Trieu for rescue, which comes in the form of an automated craft. Lewis had a privileged upbringing and sought to help the less fortunate and fight oppression and corruption as a crimefighter.

Hooded Justice was the first person to become a masked vigilante.

Current Wiki. TV and Movies. Their plan is to capture and destroy Doctor Manhattan so that they can harness his powers. However, when his business partner and would-be love interest overdosed on drugs purchased with funds given to her by Adrian as a gift to allow her to have fun in New York City one night , Veidt decided to avenge her death as a superhero. Once completed, Veidt had the ship that was transporting the artists home blown up to hide his involvement in the events. During the beating, the Comedian mocks Hooded Justice saying he enjoys beating people and is sexually aroused by it, eventually forcing Hooded Justice to stop. Prior to being knocked out by Wade, Veidt asked if the FBI was going to go after Robert Redford as well which he got a positive answer out of it. On Christmas Eve of , the Seventh Kavalry committed the "White Night" event orchestrated by Senator Joe Keene where they attacked the houses of 40 known police officers and their families. Following the implementation of the device, Angela tells Manhattan that his name is Cal Abar and that he has suffered amnesia following an accident. If they were, were they really dead? His presence was first seen when fires a warning shot towards Veidt after he shot an American bison and later sent a letter of warning to him. Angela found that he and her adopted children took refuge in a theater where Reeves stated that he saw the movie that inspired him to become Hooded Justice. When Veidt gets out of his prison thanks to a horseshoe hidden in a cake by one of the servants, he makes his way towards Lady Trieu's rocket.

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