how to kill stalnox

How to kill stalnox

Breath of the Wild Crush Bone toss. Hinox Stalkoblin Stalmoblin Stalizalfos. These skeletal beasts appear at nighttime.

But, even the bosses that do return from Breath of the Wild come with new abilities and modifiers to make them all the more dangerous. Both will use the same suite of moves, and require the same tactics to defeat. However, Depths Stalnox is preceded by a few waves of enemies, and its attacks reduce Link's maximum Hearts. Making Gloom-resistant food, and food that replenishes Hearts lost from Gloom , is essential to defeating this version of the Stalnox. Stalnox can be found in two places.

How to kill stalnox

They are the Stal equivalent of the Hinox and only appear during the hours of pm and am. In this Tears of the Kingdom miniboss guide, we will teach you everything you need to know to take down one of these massive skeletal beasts. Official Description : The remains of a Hinox, a giant monster with only one eye. This skeletal beast appears in the dark and can throw its own rib bones at enemies. Furthermore, even if it appears defeated, it will keep coming back for more as long as its eye is left intact. The best one to find, however, is lurking in the Akkala House of Bones. You can find this cavern in the right eye of Skull Lake in Akkala , and you will receive the Biggoron Sword as a reward for its defeat. The exact coordinates of the Akkala House of Bones are , , The best way to take down a Stalnox is to keep your distance and hit its eye with an arrow. This will make the Stalnox fall to the ground, giving you the perfect opportunity to run in and start attacking it with your strongest melee weapon. Repeat this process a few times, and the Stalnox will fall. Stalnox are relatively fast, so if you find yourself struggling to hit it in the eye, you can always fuse a Keese eyeball to your arrows to help you hone in on your target.

The crafting materials dropped by Stalnox are particularly powerful, and make for very good Elixirs. Ease of finding information.

A mini-boss called a Stalnox appears as a massive enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for players to beat by exploiting a weak point that may lead to some free hits on the skeletal behemoth. Any Stalnox towers above Link, a pile of bones with a huge, singular eye glowing in the middle of its skull. When defeated, this boss drops excellent materials for powerful weapon fusions. Players need to destroy every rock around the Stalnox to aggro the boss. This is easily done by using a Rock H ammer or similarly fused weapon to break all the rocks in the area , which will cause the Stalnox to get up. The best way to beat a Stalnox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to shoot its eye with a bow , which stuns the boss for players to hit it for free with melee attacks. Moving around and even using slowed time helps players aim a clear shot at the eye, which happens to be the only weak point on the Stalnox.

This skeletal behemoth is the bony carcass of a Hinox, reanimated to put an end to you. Our guide tells you how to beat a Stalnox boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In just a few seconds, it will reanimate and come after you. There are also other Stalnox locations, such as the Skull Lake Cave, where you can get one of the Fierce Deity armor pieces. Regardless, the Royal Hidden Passage Stalnox boss fight is a good tutorial for fighting others.

How to kill stalnox

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now! Learn where they can be found in Hyrule, what items they drop, as well as tips and strategies on how to beat them. List of Contents. The locations shown here are the closest ones that are labelled on the map. The enemy's precise location may be slightly different, so it is best to go to the location named above, then turn on your sensor to try and find the enemy. The Stalnox's single eye is its weak point. Shooting it not only deals a lot of damage, but it also stuns the giant - causing it to fall and recoil in pain for a few seconds. Link can shoot arrows, throw weapons, or even use the Master Sword's Sword Beam to hit the eye.

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Forbidden Woods. Hyrule Castle. The Sand Realm Frequency of updates. How to Beat Stalnoxes: Locations and Spoils. Dark Palace 8. Video Walkthrough 6. See all Stalnox locations and where to find it, a boss strategy guide to learn how to beat the Stalnox, as well as its drops and possible variants. Both Stalnox will respawn with each Blood Moon , though Biggoron's Sword can only be acquired again from Poe statues underground. That means many things. Those who learn how to beat a Stalnox in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can use their creativity to fashion durable and robust tools to challenge even stronger enemies and bosses later in the game.

See all Stalnox locations and where to find it, a boss strategy guide to learn how to beat the Stalnox, as well as its drops and possible variants. List of Contents. Be sure to select the right type of map and toggle between the Sky, Surface, and Depths on the lower left corner for the boss icon to appear.

In addition, the information will only be disclosed a part of a statistic in a format that will not allow identification of personal information. The contents we provide on this site were created personally by members of the Game8 editorial department. Hidden Palace 7. Very Dissatisfied. Cave of Flames 3. As a member, here are some things they can do. A Link Between Worlds. Get in close with a high-Attack weapon and give the Stalnox a few good wallops. It follows some of the rules of other skeletal monsters: at daylight, the Stalnox collapses and becomes a collection of bones again. Desert Palace.

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