imperfects cast

Imperfects cast

Sydney Burke 10 Episodes.

Sign In. Italia Ricci Sydney Burke 10 episodes, Morgan Taylor Campbell Tilda Weber 10 episodes, Rhianna Jagpal Abbi Singh 10 episodes, Kyra Zagorsky Isabel Finch 9 episodes, Celina Martin Hannah Moore 8 episodes,

Imperfects cast

Television Stats. Cast of The Imperfects The Imperfects is a thrilling TV show that follows the lives of a group of individuals who gain superhuman abilities after a mysterious event. Meet the talented actors and actresses who bring the captivating characters to life. Italia Ricci, who portrays the character Dr. Sydney Burke, is the most popular cast member today. The Imperfects TV Cast. The cast of The Imperfects including daily popularity data. Updated on March 9, Sort cast by:. Actor Popularity. Italia Ricci. Sydney Burke 10 episodes. Italia Ricci portrays the character of Dr. Sydney Burke in The Imperfects. Burke is a brilliant scientist who becomes one of the imperfects, gaining extraordinary powers.

Rin Grewal Laughing Stranger 1 episode, Play trailer Abbi Singh 10 Episodes.

The Imperfects , Netflix's latest "coming-of-rage" drama, just debuted its first season promising a twisted tale of revenge as three twenty-somethings go against an evil scientist whose experiments turned them into beastly creatures. While the leading trio is played by a batch of newcomers, the rest of the cast includes actors who have had a diverse filmography including mainstream titles such as Designated Survivor , Arrow , Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , and even the Australian spin-off of the reality series RuPaul's Drag Race. While the protagonists chase the evil scientist, The Imperfects also has a 'good doctor' played by Italia Ricci. Her character Dr. Sydney Burke tries helping them reach closer to their goal while fixing her own past mistakes. Ricci has previously had a main role in the thriller series Designated Survivor.

Sydney Burke 10 Episodes. Tilda Weber 10 Episodes. Abbi Singh 10 Episodes. Juan Ruiz 10 Episodes. Isabel Finch 10 Episodes. Hannah Moore 10 Episodes.

Imperfects cast

After an experimental gene therapy turns them into monsters, three twenty-somethings band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make them human again. Sign In Sign In. New Customer?

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Mark Sweatman Clown 1 Episode. The Imperfects is an exciting science fiction TV show set in a dystopian future. I will say that I like this show. Series Cast Shelley Eriksen Writer 2 Episodes. Gorrman Lee Writer 2 Episodes. Romeo Reyes Biker 1 1 Episode. Lili-Kayy Park Magician 1 episode, The series deals with a man wrongfully convicted for the murder of his sister and his quest to clear his name. Michael Chound Morgue Doctor 1 episode, September 1,

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Leslie Kwan Paul 1 episode, Kemi Mathers Beatrix 1 Episode. Foster is a refugee from Earth whose knowledge is crucial to establish the so-called "Resurrection" technology. Sydney Burke in The Imperfects. Alex Sarkov 10 episodes. The Imperfects Merch. Lili-Kayy Park Magician 1 episode, Reginald Lindt 1 episode, Costume Design 10 Episodes. Kyra Zagorsky Isabel Finch. Ricci has previously had a main role in the thriller series Designated Survivor.

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