indiana delphi murders

Indiana delphi murders

WNDU - The Indiana Supreme Court is explaining why indiana delphi murders decided to reinstate the original attorneys for the man accused of murdering two teenage girls in Delphi more than six years ago and why it chose to keep the special judge in the case. Those decisions were made back on Jan. He was arrested and charged with their murders in October

M ore than five years on from when teenage best friends Libby German and Abby Williams were last seen alive, a year-old local married man was arrested and charged in connection with the Delphi murders. He was then moved to a state facility, reportedly for his own safety. The year-old is a local resident of Delphi, the small, close-knit town of around 3, people where the teenage girls lived with their families before their murders. His family home is less than a five-minute drive away from where the bodies of Libby and Abby were found, residing in a neighborhood southwest of the Monon High Bridge. According to online records, Mr Allen has lived in Delphi since at least , and in Indiana his whole adult life.

Indiana delphi murders

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. Prosecutors in Indiana have filed new charges — including murder — against the suspect in the heinous killings of two Indiana teen girls seven years ago. Richard Matthew Allen, 51, the man accused of killing year-old Libby German and year-old Abby Williams while they were hiking near their hometown of Delphi in , had new felony kidnapping and murder charges filed against him on Thursday, according to a report. Allen had previously been charged with two counts of murder following his October arrest. In the state of Indiana, murder is defined as knowingly or intentionally killing another human being. If the prosecution can prove Allen kidnapped or attempted to kidnap the girls, he can be brought up on the two counts of felony murder since he would be linked to the killings — even if they cannot prove he was the actual killer. The accused teen killer allegedly had confessed multiple times to the murders on prison phone calls to his wife and mother, according to earlier court documents. The bodies of the two girls were found in a rugged area near a hiking trail on Feb. Allen was charged after an analysis concluded a. He now faces four counts of murder but will only be sentenced on two murder counts if found guilty of murdering the teens. Despite the four different murder charges, each carries the same possible sentencing of 45 and 65 years in prison.

Police sketches released in left and right in the search for the killer.

Attorneys for suspect Richard Allen are once again calling for the removal or recusal of the special judge presiding over the case. The attorneys were just reinstated to represent Allen. In a new filing, they argue that the judge interfered with the attorney-client relationship by removing them. They also question the judge's impartiality. Allen is charged with killing year-old Abby Williams and year-old Libby German in How blues legend Buddy Guy was shaped by Chicago. Judge rules real estate transfer tax ballot question invalid.

As CrimeOnline previously reported , year-old Abby and year-old Libby were murdered in , but the killer remains elusive. Investigators have been mostly mum on many case details but a redacted warrant provides a glimpse into information surrounding the murder scene, suspect, and victims. Meanwhile, Kegan Kline, an Indiana man accused of child exploitation and child pornography, says police told him he was the last person to communicate with one of the girls. She was being potentially catfished by this person, who, of course, looked nothing like and was nothing like what he portrayed online. Heavily redacted court documents say that state police and the FBI encountered Kline in while conducting a search warrant in Peru, Indiana. A subpoena for an IP address led to another address in Peru, Indiana, and a second search warrant found Kline and his father there. When investigators got that device, they found that many files had been deleted and social media apps uninstalled. The investigation continued, and Kline was arrested in on charges unrelated to the Delphi murders.

Indiana delphi murders

Although prosecutors and defense attorneys acknowledged that Allen had made incriminating statements during a June 15 public hearing , the documents unsealed June 28 provided additional detail about the circumstances under which Allen allegedly confessed — and other bombshells. In the years before that, Indiana State Police had released mere seconds of a reportedly second video filmed by Libby of a man police believed to be their attacker. Probably the biggest bombshell dropped in the documents was a jailhouse phone call between Allen and his wife, Kathy, on April 3 of this year. Allen has not talked to his wife since Kathy hung up on him. In the days after April 3, he refused to eat and sleep, and he destroyed the tablet he was given to send emails, listen to music and make phone calls, according to the prison warden. Prosecutors, in fact, said the April 4 photo of Allen was taken immediately after his rec time, in the shirt he normally wears for rec time, and that he had clean shirts in his cell. He also told police he had worn a Carhartt coat, which his wife previously told police he still owned. Authorities have not said whether it shares any characteristics of the bullet found at the crime scene. Allen has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His trial is currently scheduled for January.

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Married to his wife Kathy with whom he shares an adult daughter, Mr Allen is a trained pharmacy technician, receiving his most recent pharmaceutical licence in February — one year on from the murders. A year-old Indiana man fell under the spotlight last year when the online account he used to groom underage girls online was tied to the teenage victims. Wednesday's Child. Archived from the original on November 13, Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged in Please refresh your browser to be logged in. While his defence attorneys claim Mr Allen has no connection to any pagan cult, the bombshell documents take the extraordinary step of naming four apparent Odinites as potential suspects in the killings. Archived from the original on November 6, The word for the weapon was redacted in the document. Countdown to Kickoff. Indiana Pacers. Delphi murder suspect allowed to retain original attorneys.

The murders have received extensive media coverage, in part due to video and audio recordings released by law enforcement that came from German's smartphone , which recorded an individual believed to be the killer. On October 26, , a suspect was taken into custody, [5] and, on October 31, that suspect was charged with two counts of murder. At p.

Archived from the original on January 29, Indiana State Police. On the day the girls went missing, Libby had posted photos on Snapchat of her and Abby walking along the trail. October 28, On the wall behind him is the police sketch. Archived from the original on January 26, According to a probable cause affidavit, the suspect was interviewed by the police in , and said he was on the trail that afternoon for around two hours. Thanks for contacting us. Countdown to Kickoff. Stop Means Stop for School Buses. They also question the judge's impartiality. How blues legend Buddy Guy was shaped by Chicago. November 21, Circle Country. I would like to be emailed about offers, events and updates from The Independent.

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