is hopper alive stranger things

Is hopper alive stranger things

Fans are racing their way through season four of Stranger Things — and already one storyline has some is hopper alive stranger things riled up. Season four of the hit Netflix series arrived on Friday 27 Maywith seven new episodes now available to watch. Season three ended with Hopper David Harbour left presumably dead after a plan to blow up the Russian lab gate to the Upside Down went awry, leaving him inside the chamber with the bomb.

By the time we finished watching the third season of "Stranger Things" way back in , we were left scratching our heads about a few major questions. For instance, why have Eleven's powers forsaken her? Are there any rats left in Hawkins? And how is Max going to explain Billy's bizarre death to her parents?! But above all those was a much more devastating question: is Jim Hopper dead?

Is hopper alive stranger things

James " Jim " Hopper Jr. He is the chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana , who, throughout the first three seasons, investigates the strange occurrences in the town. Hopper is portrayed by David Harbour. James "Jim" Hopper Jr. Hopper has lived in Hawkins nearly all his life, having attended high school with Joyce Byers and Bob Newby. Eventually he grows to be more responsible, saving Will Byers as well as taking Eleven in as his adopted daughter. In Season 1, Hopper is a chainsmoking, alcoholic cop in Hawkins, Indiana. He's approached by a former high school classmate, Joyce Byers, who tells him her son, Will, has gone missing. Joyce tells Chief Hopper about the static phone call she received and suspected was Will's breathing. Hopper is reluctant to believe her but admits that the charring of the phone from the surge of electricity is unusual. Hopper realises as the season continues that there is a vast conspiracy hiding at Hawkins Lab and he is instrumental in the mission to find and save Will. After Eleven's apparent death, Hopper is seen leaving some food in the snowy woods, including Eggos , Eleven's favorite food.

Hopper investigates when pumpkins patches all over town suddenly start rotting. By keeping things ambiguous, the podcast's official statement made it even more likely Hopper is alive.

Many people us included didn't believe Hopper was truly dead. There were over a dozen compelling clues that indicated he had survived the explosion in the Russian's underground lab. Then Netflix decided to go ahead and reveal that Hopper was alive in the earliest teasers for season four, validating the evidence. However, the details of how Hopper survived were still a mystery. Maybe he had jumped into the Upside Down through the Gate the Russians had opened , protecting him from the explosion's blast while also sealing him away from the real world? Or maybe he had found a secret escape route that led right into a Russian trap for prisoners? That would have explained why Joyce and Murray couldn't see any sign of him before they fled, and why the US government employees who entered the underground facility also failed to find Hopper alive.

The third season finale of Netflix's "Stranger Things" left the ensemble of characters believing the beloved chief of police Jim Hopper had died during the effort to re-close the Gate to the Upside Down. But several important context clues, not to mention that bombshell mid-credits scene , left us believing otherwise. Now, Netflix has officially confirmed Hopper is alive and well, but being held prisoner in Russia. Keep reading to see every hint and piece of evidence that shows why Hopper was still alive all along. Hopper threw Grigori into the energy machine, creating a fan of electricity which acted as a barrier between himself and the pathway to the enclosed laboratory. Before Joyce turned the keys and blew up the machine, we saw Hopper standing just to the left of the machine in the above view. Rewatch the scene closely, and you'll see that Hopper is no longer standing next to the machine when it's about to blow up. The episode cut to black for a full six seconds after Joyce turned the keys, leaving plenty of room for interpretation about what happened in between the time she closed her eyes and when the machine actually exploded. Our current theory is that Hopper scurried down that ladder again, shown above and made it into the Upside Down before the machine blew up. The Russians might have captured Hopper inside the Upside Down, and are now holding him prisoner.

Is hopper alive stranger things

It's not as miraculous as you might've thought. Nick is an entertainment journalist based in New York, NY. If you like pugs and the occasional blurry photo of an action figure, follow him on Twitter NickARomano. Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4. The first seven-episode volume of Stranger Things season 4 is chock full of information. We get answers to questions like: Is there any truth to Hawkins being cursed?

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No, Hopper wasn't blown into the Upside Down portal and trapped there, only to be fished out by the Russians. Jim Hopper David Harbour , Hawkins police chief, seemingly paid the ultimate price to close the Russian Gate under Starcourt Mall, but a different fate was teased in Stranger Things season 3's post-credits scene. But the timing of Hopper's survival and capture is confusing, and just makes the season three finale more frustratingly opaque in retrospect. One guard, Enzo, knew English and was able to talk to Hopper, ultimately giving him an opportunity to escape. Measure content performance. How could they have not thoroughly searched the area? After killing Grigori, Hopper's path back to the control room was blocked, so he bravely nodded to Joyce to close the Gate, essentially sacrificing himself. What's going on with Eleven's powers or lack thereof? The fall knocked Hopper unconscious and by the time he climbed back up the ladder — yes, there was a ladder leading down to this lower platform. Let's start with the basics of how Hopper's "death" scene was shot. Read preview. In an emotional reunion, Joyce and Hopper embraced while Murray and Enzo looked on. See also: Stranger Things season 2. Eventually he grows to be more responsible, saving Will Byers as well as taking Eleven in as his adopted daughter.

A brief teaser for the fourth season of Netflix's Stranger Things reveals a piece of crucial information: Hopper is alive!

But no. In flashbacks, Eleven manages to escape from the Upside Down but is forced to remain hidden in Hopper's cabin in the woods to avoid government agents. EW's editorial guidelines. Watch Next. Our best guess is that a future season of "Stranger Things" will show both Eleven regaining her powers and realizing Hopper is still alive around the same time. The show's official podcast simply refers to Hopper's "Stranger Things 3" ending as his "fate" — not death. Article Talk. July 15, Share Facebook Icon The letter F. He's in Russia, he's being beat up by prison guards, he's isolated, he's alone, there's a monster in this prison. From the song playing during the final scene to the "Welcome to Hell" sign shown in the newscast , there were plenty of hints. He is the chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana , who, throughout the first three seasons, investigates the strange occurrences in the town. Hopper's story was clearly unfinished on "Stranger Things. How did Hopper end up in Russia?

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