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Jim caruso wikipedia

Billy Stritch born February 12,in Houston, Texas is an American composer, arranger, vocalist, and jazz pianist, jim caruso wikipedia. For many years, he was best known as a confidant, music director, and piano player for Liza Minnelli. At the age of 8 or 9, he heard big band music for the first time, and went to the large suburban John Foster Dulles High School Class of of Sugar Land, TX that had a "great" music education program, in which he played in the "jazz band". He played in a jazz vocal jim caruso wikipedia while at college that played jazz festivals for nine years.

Get Jim Caruso Email Alerts. At Birdland. From: Photos: Swing Out, Santa! From: Photos: Carole J. Finn's Cabaret. We spoke about the inspiration behind this new show, Jones's comedic bents, and what audiences can expect from the show. Check out photos here!

Jim caruso wikipedia

Caruso worked as a cinema usher , where he would see up to 80 movies a week. These guys taught me how to be what I consider the real scum of the earth. Caruso's first movie appearance was in the film Getting Wasted as Danny. He credits his role as Topper Daniels, "the cadet who nearly drowned", in An Officer and a Gentleman as what got him noticed. He portrayed U. Caruso featured in the music video for the song " Voyage, voyage " by the French singer Desireless , released in While filming 's Hudson Hawk , he employed method acting , refusing to talk to anyone on set because his character, Kit-Kat, was mute, having had his tongue bitten off. TV Guide named him as one of the six new stars to watch in the — season. He made news by leaving the highly rated show the following year only four episodes into the second season after failing to obtain the raise he wanted. He was unable to establish himself as a leading man in films. His appearances in the thrillers Kiss of Death and Jade were met with a negative reception from critics, with both films receiving mixed reviews and poor box-office takings, and Caruso was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst New Star for these two roles. Caruso returned to film with a supporting role as Russell Crowe 's mercenary associate in Proof of Life In , he had a lead role in the cult psychological horror film Session 9 , directed by Brad Anderson. Dave Kehr , writing in The New York Times , praises his performance, stating that "it is good to see David Caruso back in action, with a little more technique and a little less ego. He was the first actor in the franchise to appear as the same character on three of the five CSI programs.

Episode: " Commitments ".

Caruso, Robert Caruso grew up in [[Cleveland Heights, Ohio]], where he attended the [[School on Magnolia]], an early Cleveland-area alternative high school. He was active as a musician, and was one of the founding members of the band the Suburban White Boys. Later, he formed part of a duo known as the Stretch Links, which released two full-length cassettes and has recently produced a series of [[podcast]]s. He left the Cleveland area for San Francisco, where he attended [[San Francisco State University]] and began working as an independent video director. There, he directed nearly fifty music videos and began his commercial career. In addition, he represented a roster of directors and shared Executive Producer responsibilities.

I had the chance to talk to Jim following the phenomenal success of the Birdland fundraising efforts, for a rapid-fire fun-filled interview about who he is, what he does, and what he loves. Birdland has been an incredible learning experience that has increased my knowledge and appreciation of so many musicians and vocalists beyond the ones I already knew. Their burger is one of the better burgers. They were entertainers, and inspired the heck out of me. I love introducing audiences to a wide variety of great performers.

Jim caruso wikipedia

Jim Caruso with his fan… and Broadway actor Julie Benko. Given that each Cast Party features at least 20 performers, this translates to over 20, individual performances in New York City alone. I mean, we fight, we love each other, we fight a lot. But I have never been around someone who was as dedicated and as focused as Jim was in creating Cast Party and make it what it was and what it is today. I put them on early, so that Tony could see them, and make a quick exit if necessary. Happily, he stayed and stayed, applauding our merry cast of singers who were stunned to see one of their heroes in the house.

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May 13, Caruso worked as a cinema usher , where he would see up to 80 movies a week. Caruso returned to film with a supporting role as Russell Crowe 's mercenary associate in Proof of Life Jim Caruso, Christina Crawford Date:. Jim Caruso, Jacob Khalil Date:. Read Edit View history. Talking Broadway. Jared Grimes, Jim Caruso Date:. Jim Caruso, David Osmond Date:. Susie Mosher, Jim Caruso Date:.

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Episode: " Cross Jurisdictions ". Playbill Vault. Jim Caruso and Brenda Vaccaro Date:. Charlie Rose PBS. Jim Caruso, Kenny Holcomb Date:. But he has a bigger, rougher voice. Liza Minnelli Confidant. Chris Sieber and Jim Caruso Date:. Finn's Cabaret Date:. Caruso at the Emmy Awards. Caruso later said in an interview with CBS that he was impressed with the impersonation. Gary Burr, Jim Caruso Date:. Read Edit View history. Matt Baker, Jim Caruso Date:. Crystal Lewis, Jim Caruso Date:.

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