kinnporsche the series เต็มเรื่อง

Kinnporsche the series เต็มเรื่อง

Tankhun e os guarda-costas vigiam Kinn enquanto Vegas tenta conquistar Porsche. Quando Kinn acorda, ele e Porsche iniciam seu relacionamento compartilhando a cama de hospital de Kinn.

KinnPorsche: The Series is a Thai action romance drama television series based on a web novel of the same name by writing duo Daemi. The series follows Porsche, desperate to make money and take care of his younger brother, as he finds himself drawn into the mafia underworld by Kinn. Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun, the second son and de facto heir of the Theerapanyakun crime family, is attacked on his way home from making a business deal. While running for his life, he stumbles across Porsche Pachara Kittisawasd, a local bartender and underground fighter. Kinn pays Porsche to protect him from the men trying to kill him. Impressed by Porsche's fighting abilities, Kinn tracks him down to offer him a job. In order to make enough money to send his younger brother Porchay to university, and to keep the house that had belonged to their dead parents, Porsche reluctantly agrees to become Kinn's full-time bodyguard.

Kinnporsche the series เต็มเรื่อง


Kinn tries to get Porsche released and is forced to reveal their relationship, much kinnporsche the series เต็มเรื่อง the delight of Tankhun and the bodyguards. Note : iQiyi released a "side story" on YouTube which bridged the gap between episodes 6 and 7. Having never really dated anyone, let alone a man, Porsche goes to Yok for advice.


Directed by visionary filmmaker Lee Sang-hoon, the series offers a captivating blend of adrenaline-fueled action, gripping suspense, and complex character dynamics that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Central to the series is the theme of ambition and the relentless pursuit of success in the competitive world of professional racing. From the adrenaline rush of high-speed races to the cutthroat negotiations of corporate boardrooms, the series explores the lengths to which individuals will go to achieve their dreams and outmaneuver their rivals. Viewers are treated to breathtaking race sequences that capture the thrill of the sport, as well as intimate glimpses into the personal lives of the characters who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of victory on the track. The series also delves into the personal stories of its characters, offering a rich tapestry of emotions and motivations that drive the action forward. Through its compelling storyline, dynamic characters, and breathtaking race sequences, the series delivers an immersive and exhilarating viewing experience that will leave audiences craving for more. Season 1. Episode Rating star 8.

Kinnporsche the series เต็มเรื่อง

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After escaping the accident, Kinn and Porsche are stuck in the wilderness. Porsche is the sole caretaker of his younger brother, Porchay Chay , juggling payments for the house and his brother's education. Retrieved 6 November Wikimedia Commons. Archived from the original on 22 November L'Officiel Thailand. Kinn visits Porsche at home, but leaves his bodyguards behind, leading to both of them being kidnapped. A drunk Kinn kisses Porsche. Romsaithong decided to appear in the series because he thought the gangster theme had a lot of potential and to experience something new, while Wattanagitiphat to challenge a different series than soap operas. Porsche struggles to adjust in the new environment and responsibilities as a bodyguard for Kinn. Retrieved 9 May Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun, the second son and de facto heir of the Theerapanyakun crime family, is attacked on his way home from making a business deal. When Kinn wakes up, he and Porsche tentatively kick-start their relationship by sharing Kinn's hospital bed. When Porsche's attempt at surveillance is caught, Kinn turns on him, while Vegas makes a shocking offer.

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Download as PDF Printable version. After sharing their dreams for different lives and getting stuck in a cave, Kinn explains that he's never slept with a bodyguard before and asks Porsche for forgiveness for everything he's done. Kim percebe que ama Chay. Korn, angered at Kinn's indiscretion, gives Porsche a week off for him to decide on his future. Porsche and Vegas discover a link between one of the smaller triads and the Italian Mafia. Lifestyle Asia Thailand in Thai. Retrieved 4 January Tankhun hates the attention Porsche is getting and gives Porsche back to Kinn. Kinn, Porsche, and Chay move out of the family compound. Chay, still reeling from Kim's revelation, skips his audition and turns to drugs and alcohol; Kim gets frustrated trying to set him straight. Tero Entertainment. Porsche is kidnapped and Vegas attempts to give him a love bite as a "souvenir" to make Kinn angry. He leaves a note for his brother, lying that he accepting a dream job working as a bartender at a private beach bar, before joining Kinn at the mafia compound. Embora desprezado por Big e Ken, Porsche rapidamente se torna amigo de seu colega de quarto Pete.

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