layered bob hairstyles

Layered bob hairstyles

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Whether you go with a simple blowout style or jazz things up with some curls, the layers in this short hairstyle look beautiful. To see more about this cut by Chris, scroll to below! This covers my bases for heat protectant, frizz reduction, and volume! To see how I use these products on a layered hairstyle for best results, see the video below! Keep in mind, blow drying vs. Using little to no product can leave your hair falling flat faster, but having too much product weigh your hair down too. Blow drying helps to spread the product evenly throughout your hair and will help give you volume, especially if you have or are going for a layered bob, or any short hairstyle for that matter.

Layered bob hairstyles

Who says a bob always has to be blunt? You can rock a layered bob no matter what face shape or hair texture you have. Find the right layered bob haircut for you in the list below! Medium Layered Bob. A longer bob that is a bit past your shoulders is still considered a bob and can be just as chic and volumizing as the classic bob. Messy Layered Bob. The way the waves are twisted in different directions classify this look as messy and sexy. Curl your hair to get extra volume and movement if your hair looks too plain and lifeless. Beachy Bob. Blonde mixed with brown in this look immediately remind of beach hair with beautiful loose waves. A-Line Bob.

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We know the bob is a classic. We agree the timeless shape will never grow old. But… if you want to remix the cut a little, the layered bob can blend in some extra drama and personality. Essentially, like its name suggests, it's a bob with layers. The baseline should hold down the classic bob structure, with a sprinkle of shorter sections in the top layers to add movement. The key is to be tactical with the layers so as not to shatter the base shape and move it into mullet or shag territory. In fairness, the layered bob is a bit of an oxymoron since bobs are typically cut straight and one-length around the base aside from some super subtle graduation in length around the nape or face , but the layered bob can loosen up those blunt edges with a feathered finish or some soft pieces that offer extra volume and oomph.

So what exactly is a bob if there are so many lengths and styles? Generally speaking, a bob is a short hairstyle cut at the neckline, typically going along the jawline, says hairstylist Laurabeth Cabott. In more recent years, however, the bob haircut has evolved, and many stylists consider the shoulder-length lob, or a long bob , to fall within the bob category as well. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. For example, if you have a round face shape, Cabbott says that having a bob can help elongate your features. If you have an oval face, however, Dan Williams , expert hairstylist and colorist, recommends a chin-length, blunt bob with waves.

Layered bob hairstyles

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We agree the timeless shape will never grow old. If you have straighter hair, use a styling wand to give your strands a bend like Tilda Swinton's. By rubenrosaleshair. If your bob is too short to wear in an updo , but you'd like your hair pulled back to keep the focus on your outfit, this is one super-cool way to achieve that. If you're a pixie-cut devotee, growing out your hair might seem intimidating. An angled cut allows you to enjoy that extra length while having a shorter style overall. The best thing about a shoulder-length cut is its length and shape that let you wear it loose, half up or in a cute updo. By Emily. Bob With Sideswept Bangs. Longer than a traditional bob cut, the aptly named "lob" haircut is a favorite for its versatility. If you're not looking to commit much time or money to your hair routine, you might want to consider a more textured look that grows out nicely. We're not the only ones who love Gabrielle Union's layered, textured bob. Teased Bob. While a sleek, blunt bob on natural hair can be tricky, as Lynn Whitfield proves, it can be totally worth it.

Bobs have been popular for ages.

Be careful of overdoing it if your hair leans fine or thin as this may accentuate the lack of density. Hahaha I love it!! Use profiles to select personalised advertising. You can have a completely different makeup o. Classic Bob. These choices will be signaled to our partners and will not affect browsing data. What's the difference between a regular bob and an inverted bob? Smooth Bob. Edgy Razored Bob. By Hannah Laws.

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