malfoy family

Malfoy family

There are some franchises that are only as good as their villains, malfoy family. The world of Harry Potter has seen several memorable baddies, from the sweetly bad Dolores Umbridge to the Muggle-despising, power-craving Voldemort.

There are few families in the wizarding world who are as well-known— and infamous— as the pure-blood Malfoys. Throughout their history they have looked down with scorn from their stately home at Muggles and half-blood wizards alike. From their arrival in England nearly a century ago during one of the most important events in European history, to their prominent role fighting alongside Voldemort during the Second Wizarding War, they have always been closely tied to powerful figures. That even included powerful Muggles for a time. Although Malfoys have always tried to keep their part hidden from the rest of the magical community, in an effort to shield themselves from consequences.

Malfoy family

The family you can always rely on to make the world a murkier place. The Malfoy family is an old, aristocratic pure-blood wizarding family. Despite their promotion of pure-blood ideologies, the Malfoy family have been known to ingratiate themselves with non-magical society when it suits their interests. Over the centuries, members of the Malfoy family have been suspected of holding undue influence over the magical government. Armand was given land in Wiltshire by King William I where a large, ornate house called Malfoy Manor was built; this is where all of his descendants have resided PM. All members of the Malfoys have been sorted into Slytherin House at Hogwarts. They could easily be Slytherin's descendants" CS9. There was a rustle somewhere to their right: Yaxley drew his wand again, pointing it over his companion's head, but the source of the noise proved to be nothing more than pure white peacock, strutting majestically along the top of the hedge. Related images. They fancy themselves leaders and can usually get away with it due to their money, influence and brazenness, but ultimately, self-preservation always seems to trump loyalties or ideology.

While the fighting is still ongoing, malfoy family, the Malfoys leave Hogwarts together, finally abandoning their allegiance to the other side. But their crimes are fairly tame compared to some of their ancestors. Draco is hesitant to kill Dumbledore and he eventually lowers his wand.

Draco is brought up to have a similar, tainted worldview, and this eventually stirs a rivalry between him and Harry, which evolves from harmless pranks and inter-house Quidditch competitions to a bigger war of good versus evil. However, by the end of the series, the Malfoys appear to have abandoned their extremist ideas and seem morally ambivalent at best. So where does that leave them? He actively participates in the first wizarding war as his second-in-command. He manages to retain his position among the social elite, but still remains a power-hungry bigot. When Voldemort is resurrected, Lucius immediately returns to him when he is summoned and swears that he had done everything in his power to find his master in the past fourteen years. He becomes a high-ranking Death Eater again and, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , leads a group to steal the prophecy from the Ministry of Magic.

You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there Unless you're a bit politer you'll go the same way as your parents. They didn't know what was good for them, either. You hang around with riffraff like the Weasleys and that Hagrid, and it'll rub off on you. He is a rival of Harry, actively trying to undermine him in any way he can.

Malfoy family

In the Harry Potter series, Harry comes into conflict with Draco, Lucius, and Narcissa Malfoy as part of his school days and during his struggle against Voldemort. The Malfoys stress the importance of their blood purity throughout the series, but their recent ancestors actually used to mingle happily with Muggles. Following the Malfoys' timeline from a thousand years earlier, up through the Wizarding Wars, reveals how they started as nobles and ended up among the main followers of the Dark Lord. Armand provides William with magical assistance that turns the conflict in the latter's favor, establishing William's hold over Britain. In , Armand leaves France to permanently accompany William to Britain, where Armand is bequeathed a piece of land in Wiltshire, which becomes the permanent estate of the Malfoy family. Over the following centuries, the Malfoys begin to show prejudice against Muggles, but only poor Muggles - they curry favor from rich Muggles for their own gain. The high body count from the disease makes it impossible to trace the innocent Muggles' passing to Nicholas, and he escapes censure by the Wizards' Council. Around this time, the Malfoy family begins to annex Muggle lands around their own property, expanding it to many acres after using magic to drive off the true Muggle owners. The Malfoys also use their investments in the Muggle economy to maintain their wealthy status.

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Author J. The young Draco began as an arrogant bully but grew to be a conflicted, heart-breaking antagonist. There was a rustle somewhere to their right: Yaxley drew his wand again, pointing it over his companion's head, but the source of the noise proved to be nothing more than pure white peacock, strutting majestically along the top of the hedge. It was not only negative about Muggles but also about the wizards and witches that had anything to do with them. Despite being granted enormous leniency, Lucius continued to collect Dark artifacts for the rest of his life. Osbert was elected to the position twice, serving from to In a deleted scene of the movie, Draco is shown running towards Harry after the latter reveals he is alive, and tosses him a wand so he can duel with Voldemort. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. When Katie Bell is almost killed in Hogsmeade after handling a cursed necklace and Ron nearly dies by drinking poisoned mead , Harry suspects Draco is behind both attacks. Scorpius Malfoy son. This would be relevant to the general cruel natures displayed by Lucius and Draco as well as Narcissa. But after Voldemort was defeated the second time there was no denying the entire Malfoy family had served the Dark Lord.

One of the central conflicts throughout the Harry Potter series is the racial elitism that permeates the wizarding world.

Lucius Malfoy I fl. Retrieved 26 August Also fitting of the family is the fact that their property has been expanded on over the years by annexing the lands of their Muggle neighbors. Death Eaters. While the Malfoys say there is no truth to any of these tales, there is no definitive proof on either side of this story. Author J. Like many other progenitors of noble English families, the wizard Armand Malfoy arrived in Britain with William the Conqueror as part of the invading Norman army. Astoria, however, persuaded him from doing so as she wanted a child not for the pure-blood beliefs, but for him so that he will not be alone should she die some day, which culminated in the birth of Draco's first and only child Scorpius. The Malfoys are proud and care deeply about self-preservation, holding true to their ideals and the protection of their own. Wikimedia Commons. And with the Malfoys being who they are, their family crest pays homage to the founder they believe to be the greatest.

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