minthara act 1 scene

Minthara act 1 scene

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Alterar idioma. Instalar o Steam. Proezas globais. Kaseron Ver perfil Ver posts. Does she have any romance options after the sex scene in Act 1? She did mention earlier that maybe when the Absolute is killed she can think about herself again. It kind of seems like the other base companions are the only ones who are available.

Minthara act 1 scene

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Baldur's Gate 3 Store Page. Global Achievements. So, i know that there is now an alternate method of recruiting her. But does doing that lock you out of her romance? Or you can romance her later on? Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments.

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BG3 Minthara can be found at Shattered Sanctum. Minthara is a ruthless Drow that is preparing an assault on Druid Grove. Bosses in BG3 are powerful enemies that have increased health and pose a bigger challenge for players. Siding with her allows the opening of the branching storyline that allows Tav to side with the Goblins and start the Quest Raid the Grove which may lead to recruiting her in Act II. Rescuing her there will allow you to officially recruit her as a Companion. Otherwise, siding with the Tieflings and killing the goblins will have you kill Minthara as well. The same result will come from siding with her first and successfully initiating an intimate night with her and then failing to convince her of your shared affiliation with the Absolute later on.

Minthara act 1 scene

After playing more than a hundred hours of Larian Studio's Baldur's Gate 3, we finally captured what we believe to be every major romance scene with every origin character and beyond. Compilations of both the spicy NSFW versions and the mildly safe-for-work versions are just above, but you can always find all of the scenes for a specific origin character in our Baldur's Gate 3 romance guides :. Though there are many attractive and deep elements that make Baldur's Gate 3 a complex RPG, the multiple romance options have been a hot topic even before release. The voice actor for Shadowheart, Jennifer English; and the voice actor for Lae'zel, Devora Wilde, discussed quite a few thirsty remarks that IGN's commenters posted--including one about the now famous Druid-in-bear-form scene. English finished with, "please don't [redacted] bears. For more on Baldur's Gate 3, don't miss these advanced Baldur's Gate 3 tips and tricks or the Baldur's Gate 3 walkthrough. Catch her on Twitter X? Baldur's Gate III. By Casey DeFreitas.

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Private Message. They fought to the death and I had to side with one of them, and I had no clue of the trigger that caused it until it happened at camp unexpectedly. Default Style UBBT77 UBBT77 - Dark ubbthreads dark blue ubbthreads dark purple ubbthreads divinity2 ubbthreads larian ubbthreads larian dark ubbthreads light blue ubbthreads old larian boards Vom's test style. By Kenneth Shepard. I'll just lock this one to cut down on duplicate discussion. Majority Position - Minthara should be available in any Act 1 outcome and tweaks should be made accordingly Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove! We can kill Nere, yet side with the Drider later. Instead, Shadowheart did the breaking up on her own. Show Likes. Baldur's Gate. Why can't we find a way to do this for Minthara as well? Jordan 3 months ago 1. Forum Posts.

Want to know how to romance Minthara in Baldur's Gate 3? Those committing to an evil playthrough in Baldur's Gate 3 will gain access to a unique companion: Minthara, a Drow Paladin and follower of the Absolute who serves as one of the Goblin Camp leaders in Act 1.

Forums Calendar Active Threads. Change language. A story should be an intricate dance between the lines of good and evil that creates fascinating nuances, but never massively tipping on one side or the other until the game actually builds upon it and is ready to unleash the massively branching paths in its final act, which is precisely where Larian failed by presenting an exclusivity choice so early on without any build up prior nor after. Follow User. What do you need help on? But of course other events, and other scenes, played out that night. Not everyone is a wizard who has experience fucking a god, nor does everyone have to be in order to both give you a good time and expand upon your tender relationship. Or has your passionate fave been slighted? There is no nuance, there is no walking the line between good and bad. She's so grateful to be saved she said herself she thought no one would come for her , so that would naturally lead to the sex scene. She has info on what's next for the party, knows the shadowlands, once convinced would probably want to infiltrate moonrise tower with the team and bring down the absolute out of revenge, Vengeance Paladin remember? Published August 24, Matell Ver perfil Ver posts. I don't think it would be intended to work this way. Private Message.

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