My watch list on ebay

As a fairly new ebay purchaser, I'm finding that having only a Watchlist to save items I'm interested in is incredibly frustrating and stressful. I frequently find things I love but am not ready to purchase, or would like to be able to prioritize.

Is it possible to watch a listing, add it to your watchlist, and still remain anonymous? Meaning, I would prefer that the seller not know that I'm watching one of their listings. I have received unsolicited offers from sellers for items that I'm watching. You are always anonymous when you are watching an item. You can opt out of receiving offers for items you are watching.

My watch list on ebay

Unless I am missing the forest for the trees - there is NO way to search through your watched items other than scrolling. Someone at eBay came halfway close by adding the the ability to create "Lists" from watched items - but if I want to quickly gather all related watched items to see which is the better deal I can't. This feature IS however available on the iPhone mobile app - why hasn't it made it over to desk top? I agree. They are losing sales this way, too, because I don't have time to search for some things that took a long time to find that are now in my large Watchlist. I suppose you could do a Cntrl-F search in the browser window for each page of your watchlist and increase the number of listings viewable on each browser page, but that's nothing compared to being able to search the Watchlist and sorting is useless because things are often miscategorized or categorized similarly but not the same or without enough detail. The only other option would be to create a list for each search or thing you are looking for and put them there. Not sure how many lists are possible, but I did add an extra "Research" list when my Watchlist filled up. Thank you for asking the question. I saw where it had also been asked 9 years ago. I, too, cannot understand why I can search for items on the iPhone app but not on desktop. Desktop eBay feels years behind the mobile app in general, but the lack of a Search feature in a Watch List that can hold items, is an especially strange oversight for an internet-based company. Please add this essential feature! Any chance on an update regarding updating the desktop UI to allow the functionality to search watched items?

Hooray for the Holidays! You can opt out of receiving offers for items you are watching.

How many items are you already watching? Make sure you are viewing the entire list, not just a subset of active listings or a particular category. You may have many ended items still on your list taking up spots. You should be able to watch up to items, total. Try deleting some if you are at or near that number to make space for new items. Welcome to the Mobile Apps board!

Got your eye on a certain item on eBay? You can add it to your "Watch List" to place a virtual bookmark on it, so that you can get back to it quickly. That's not all your Watch List does, though! If the item stops being for sale, you can even be notified if that item is ever put up for sale again! Just a heads-up that some of the services we're reviewing here have affiliate partnerships with us, so we may earn a commission if you visit one of them and buy something.

My watch list on ebay

Skip to main content. My eBay - Buying. You can get to the buying related pages from the left side navigational menu within My eBay. To see just one view, such as items that you are currently bidding on, click the link on the left side navigational menu. Here are some of the key features that will help make the most of My eBay for you: Filter for items you want to see Got a lot of items to manage? Find just the items that you're winning or need to pay for with the handy "Show" filters. Customize each view The individual tables of information can be modified to show just the columns of information you want to see.

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In response to eburtonlab. Message 13 of About this board. Showing results for. You are most welcome -- good luck! Message 1 of Seller Protections are in place for sellers impacted by extreme regional weather. However, it did not address one thing you mentioned in your post: " I frequently find things I love but am not ready to purchase, or would like to be able to prioritize. If you did click the delete button, there is no way to undo that. Message 4 of Seller Protections are in place for those impacted by winter weather. If you deleted items from your Watch List, I do not think there is any way to undo that action directly. Sooo many problems. How to connect in Build your eBay Community!


Seller Protections are in place for those impacted by winter weather. Combined shipping is now available with eBay International Shipping. Meet a Seller: Jaimie Finley launched a successful slime business on eBay. Did you mean:. At one time it was possible to publicly share a Wish List on eBay, but the feature was removed, and now Wish Lists are just like other lists. Also unfortunate is that I feel compelled to thank each seller for the offer and explain why I'm not accepting their wonderful offer, which can get really time consuming, lol! Anytime you want to see an updated list of results, simply return to My eBay and re-run the search automatically. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 4 of In the case of long and complex searches, this can be extraordinarily useful.

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