mywcc info

Mywcc info

The Personalize Homepage page has two regions: A list of mywcc info region and a tiles region, mywcc info. You can add, delete, or reorder homepages or tiles on this page. The Personalize Dashboard page has just one region: a tiles region.

All students at Western Community College has access to an extensive array of services offered at all our Campuses. Explore this section for information on student resources and services. International students and new students will also find additional useful information. Vanmates is student housing agency for local and international students. Vanmates is a modern Co-Living space for students and young professionals in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Robust academic support through peer tutoring and comprehensive library resources , fostering a conducive environment for student success and excellence in learning. Engage in invaluable support through resume and employment support , empowering students with the skills and resources needed for successful career advancement.

Mywcc info

Every student is given an e-mail account my. This e-mail account is hosted by Microsoft Office Student Email Office Every student is given an e-mail account my. Click on the Sign in button. Home What's Included How to Access. Check your official student email frequently and consistently. If you check your official student email: You will stay up to date on all payment deadlines, class assignments, meetings, and events. You will be able to directly email professors , counselors, tutors and mentors. You will hear about opportunities like scholarships, clubs, and more that will enrich your college experience. You will be notified about emergency cancellations, closures, delays, and incidents. If you forget to check your official student email: You might show up to campus unnecessarily because you missed a class cancellation announcement.

South Surrey Campus Student Resources. Student Services.


Multi-factor authentication MFA creates a more secure online environment and ensures that only you have access to your WCC accounts. MFA adds an additional layer, such as cell phone PUSH alerts, authentication application, text message, or email, to your login to verify that only you can access your personal myWCC portal. You are encouraged to set up your MFA option before March 1, , to ensure you have continued access to your student accounts. If someone else uses your username or password they would not be able to access your accounts without being verified by your chosen MFA method, cell phone PUSH alert, authentication application, text messages SMS , or email. You have completed your Push Authentication setup! Next time you log in to the portal you will be prompted on your phone to Accept. It may take up to 2 min for you to be fully enrolled.

Mywcc info

Students can apply online at www. What documents do I need to submit to apply to a degree or certificate program at Westchester Community College? The application contains a checklist of all necessary items that are required to complete the admissions process. If you have never taken a class at the college, you must:. All students taking any credit course s even if they are a visiting student must submit an application. Please note that veterans and their spouses are exempt from the application fee. They should complete the Veterans question on the online application to get the fee waiver.

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Transcript Request. Tab again to find and place focus on the target tile. This will help you catch any important communications without requiring you to constantly refresh your inbox. Install email application on your mobile device. Office and can be used offline ; however, students must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program Your Office subscription will also include OneDrive — where you may save all of your files online for easy access and access all of your schoolwork on all of your devices with 1 Terabyte Gigabytes of free online storage. Set a time each afternoon dedicated to checking in on your official student email. Student Advising Learn time management, exam preparation, critical thinking, note-taking, and reading. Email Questions or Book an Appointment studentservices wcc. Then, tap Add Account. WCC on Twitter. Fire and Safety Information.

The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to provide quality support services to students.

How can I make checking my WCC student email easier? Helpdesk This will help you catch any important communications without requiring you to constantly refresh your inbox. Please follow the instructions below to access your office Westchester Community College email account. You can download and install the OneDrive application on your computer or your mobile device to store, edit, save and view all of your files. Swipe through Quick Tour pages and tap the Go to Inbox button. What does your Office Pro Plus subscription include? The Personalize Dashboard page has just one region: a tiles region. South Surrey Campus Student Resources. Office Pro Plus is a full version of Office and is available to students enrolled at Westchester Community College. Student Services Department. Housing Services. Central Surrey Campus. Western Community College recognizes the unique needs of its student-parents by providing information about essential child care services subsidies , fostering an inclusive environment.

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