Nicki positano

We certainly hope not since Live in Italy Magazine wants nicki positano get you off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the real Italy.

At the beginning of I decided to take some time out from London and spend a few months in Italy to learn the language. I never meant to stay for good but when you choose somewhere as beautiful as the Amalfi Coast it can be hard to leave. I now live with my partner, our daughter and a bunch of animals in a lovely homemade house tucked into a valley above Positano. We grow our own vegetable and fruit and keep fit with the steps from the road to the front door! Life here was too good to keep all to myself so I decided to share it the best way I could. In I started blogging about everyday life in Positano. Although that blog is no longer online the most useful blog posts and some of my favourites are now on the blog right here!

Nicki positano


Thanks for reading the interview. I was brought up in a TV studio from the minute I was born.


I have decided to lay down my makeup brushes for now and concentrate on other creative passions. It has been a wonderful 27 year career and I have met many fantastic people along the way and seen many new beginnings. But now, time for change! I have written my first novel, A Boatful of Lemons which is available on Amazon, and look forward to writing more. I am based in Positano. Fred di Palma - Paloma music video - Amalfi Coast. Acqua di Parma - editorial photoshoot - Amlafi Coast. Positano myth festival, Ciao Manhattan fashion show, Amanda Tabberer fashion show. Andrea Bocelli - Sacred Arias concert - Rome.

Nicki positano

We certainly hope not since Live in Italy Magazine wants to get you off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the real Italy. Nicki Storey, creator of the Positano Diaries, set out to do that unknowingly over a decade ago. Pause in Positano with Nicki and have a real look at those hidden gems and get to know the people who live there. Searching for a simpler life too? Nicki can show you the way…. I was born in Wimbledon where the tennis championships are. I lived in Surrey which is just southwest of London and it took only 25 minutes from train from the center of London, but it was very countryside-ish. It was like a classic, quintessential English countryside area: very nice, lovely.

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So, I am very thankful for that group of friends here. We are committed to creating great content. I really appreciate that. And slowly, like a jigsaw puzzle, it all fitted together and I started understanding things. Thank you for finding our interview with Nicki and we hope that you watched the video version on our YouTube channel. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Thank you for your support! With Instagram I share photos of everyday life and use Stories to show you more real life as it happens. Nicki does a beautiful job to help us keep dreaming!

Her real name is Nicki Storey and she has not revealed her age. Her birthday is on February

Thanks Mary for your comment. Often in the winter you can get a flight from Naples to London for less than the cost of a train ticket from Naples to Rome. Although I was here 13 years before, it never felt like home because we were renting. I was brought up in a TV studio from the minute I was born. Peter Weller the actor in Robocop has a house in Positano. Love Italy!!! Others Others. How did Holly find you? I would have dressed nicer and done my hair better. Then after dinner, Carlo takes over and in the morning I spend about a half an hour going through the Instagram. To display your Instagram posts, double-click here to add an account or select an existing connected account. This is why in the last couple of years, I upped my game on YouTube and tried to start showing so many more things to do around the coast than the beach and the Path of the Gods. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. I have given plenty of tips in my blog and on Youtube for ideas for your vacation so please do not to email me asking for personal recommendations and tips.

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