proof antonym

Proof antonym

Synonimy i antonimy słowa hold off w języku angielskim.

Synonimy i antonimy słowa burden w języku angielskim. These are words and phrases related to burden. Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, przejdź do definicji burden. A horse can easily carry a burden of several hundred pounds. Synonyms load. She bore the burden of raising two children alone.

Proof antonym


Słowniki półdwujęzyczne. British and American pronunciations with audio. The hiker was burdened with a heavy pack.


Words related to foolproof are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word foolproof. Browse related words to learn more about word associations. Experts worry that members of the public may use the results from such tests as tacit permission to disregard precautions such as wearing masks or maintaining distance from others — even though the tests are not foolproof. In air transportation, the largest and most modern jets are becoming almost foolproof, with the pilots in command for less and less of any given flight. Cry No More Every parent tires of hearing their child cry, but not everyone finds such a foolproof way to make it stop. Dan Gross on why the episode is a reminder that the vaunted cloud is much like the Web in the s—young and far from foolproof. It was a nearly foolproof way to make sure that you could talk to the people you trusted, but that no one else could listen in. Five hours to devise one more completely foolproof method of bringing about the eventual ruin of the association. He tried to figure out some foolproof way of cabling to Havana, but the censorship hazards were too great.

Proof antonym

Demonstration , in the strict and proper sense, is the highest form of proof , and gives the most absolute certainty , but can not be applied outside of pure mathematics or other strictly deductive reasoning; there can be proof and certainty , however, in matters that do not admit of demonstration. A conclusion is the absolute and necessary result of the admission of certain premises; an inference is a probable conclusion toward which known facts, statements, or admissions point, but which they do not absolutely establish; sound premises, together with their necessary conclusion , constitute a demonstration. Evidence is that which tends to show a thing to be true; in the widest sense, as including self- evidence or consciousness, it is the basis of all knowledge. Proof in the strict sense is complete, irresistible evidence ; as, there was much evidence against the accused, but not amounting to proof of guilt. Moral certainty is a conviction resting on such evidence as puts a matter beyond reasonable doubt, while not so irresistible as demonstration. Synonyms: certainty , conclusion , consequence , deduction , demonstration , evidence , induction , inference. Antonyms: disproof , failure , invalidity , shortcoming , fallacy , undemonstrativeness , reprobation. Synonyms: test , trial , examination , criterion , essay , establishment , probation , demonstration , evidence , testimony , scrutiny. Synonyms: trial impression , validation , substantiation , test copy , cogent evidence. Synonyms: establishment , confirmation , verification , validation , cogent evidence , trial impression , substantiation , test copy , check.

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Śledź naszą stronę. Zarejestruj się za darmo i uzyskaj dostęp do ekskluzywnych treści:. Spis treści. English Pronunciation. Przeglądaj hold in the stomach. Wybierz swój język. Przejdź do swoich list słów. Słowo w zdaniu przykładowym nie jest zgodne z hasłem. British and American pronunciations with audio. English—Swedish Swedish—English. A horse can easily carry a burden of several hundred pounds. Listy słów.

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British and American pronunciations with audio. English Pronunciation. Listom słówek udostępnionym przez naszą społeczność miłośników słowników. Zarejestruj się teraz lub Zaloguj się. Tłumaczenia Kliknij na strzałki, by zmienić kierunek przekładu. Słowo w zdaniu przykładowym nie jest zgodne z hasłem. English—Swedish Swedish—English. Słowniki półdwujęzyczne. Do góry. She bore the burden of raising two children alone. Wybierz swój język. I don't like being burdened with someone else's problems. Słowniki półdwujęzyczne.

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