seluvis quest

Seluvis quest

Seluvis is a pompous sorcerer in service to Ranni the Witch. Seluvis Questline is important for players looking to make Magic Buildsseluvis quest, so make sure to read all the Seluvis Questline steps below including a potential lockout due to your choices. Seluvis quest is first encountered in spectral form at Ranni's Rise in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

That requires defeating Loretta the Royal Knight - the Caria Manor boss - and there is a major caveat related to timing. If you've started the Radahn Festival by clearing Redmane Castle, arriving in the courtyard where Blaidd and Alexander are, or if you've arrived at Altus Plateau before speaking to Ranni first, you won't be able to start the quest or speak with Seluvis until after defeating Radahn. If you speak to Ranni first, Rogier will die after giving you his sword, which means you miss out on some important lore. Seluvis asks you to give Nepheli Loux a potion that would transform her into one of his puppets. No, there are better options. Give him the potion instead, and he'll turn into Seluvis' puppet instead of Nepheli.

Seluvis quest

For this part of our Elden Ring guide, you'll find details of where to find him, how to begin his questline, and the consequences of any choices you make along the way. Upon accessing the Three Sisters i n northwest Liurnia, you'll be granted access to three distinct towers; however, to remove the magic barrier in front of Seluvis's tower, you will need to visit Ranni's Rise and begin the Ranni the Witch Questline. By doing this, you can speak to Seluvis in his own tower. Seluvis is able to teach your sorcery, but he won't do so until you complete a quest for him and he'll refuse to talk to you until you tell him it's complete. Note that speaking to her at any other location will not allow you to progress Seluvis's questline by giving her the potion. Nepheli can be found down the stairs near Master Hewg, and will be upset to the point of unresponsiveness. To progress this quest, you must instead go upstairs and speak to Gideon. You then have the option of giving it to him to dispose of or instead giving it to Nepheli. If you choose for him to dispose of it, he'll tell you to nevertheless tell Seluvis that you gave Nepheli the potion. Return to Seluvis and tell him that you gave Nepheli the potion. Whether or not you chose to give it to her, or if you're simply lying to him, his quest will progress regardless. Exhaust his dialogue here to unlock the ability to buy sorceries from him. Seluvis's Questline links to a few different quests for other NPCs.

From Ranni's Rise Site of Grace, head outside and visit the first set of ruins on your left, seluvis quest.

I completely missed Seluvis's quest in Elden Ring on my first playthrough. Unless you made a beeline straight to the end, it's likely you've met Seluvis during other NPC quests. It's not obvious that he has his own story arc, though, and you have to do some very specific things to get started. Plus Seluvis is a bit of an ass, so it's certainly understandable if you don't want to help him out. But if you do want to find out more about him, here's how to complete the Elden Ring Seluvis quest. Note that you won't be able to complete Seluvis's quest if you progress Ranni's quest to the point where you give her the Fingerslayer Blade.

Elden Ring offers a plentiful amount of in-depth questlines. Along the way, you will meet a seemingly unlimited number of NPCs. Some of them you may see time and time again, while some you may never cross paths with again after completing a short request. Though his questline is treacherous and exacting in what it demands of the player, it is well worth the time and effort. At the end of his questline, you will be rewarded with the Magic Scorpion Charm Talisman, Seluvis's Bell Bearing, his armor set, and some additional goodies along the way. To meet Seluvis, you first need to speak to Ranni The Witch, who can be found in her tower in Caria Manor , located in northern Liurnia. Seluvis will tell you to meet him at his tower Southeast of Rannis's , where he will task you with finding Nepheli and giving her a potion of his design. Once you agree to go into Ranni's service, she will have you go downstairs and meet with Blaidd, Iji, and Seluvis in their spectral forms.

Seluvis quest

He sells high end goods. But please, can you offer poor ill-starred Pidia A little something by way of compensation? Pidia, Carian Servant can be found at Caria Manor. In order to reach him, you will need to have completed the manor and gained access to the Three Sisters sub-region behind the estate by dropping down the cliff from Three Sisters. Map Link. After Ranni the Witch has received the Fingerslayer Blade , or has been betrayed by being fed the Amber Draught , return to Pidia to complete the questline. People make wild theories but Pidia really is just a servant who tends to puppets in a carian manor, who belong to a carian preceptor - Seluvis himself. When Seluvis dies, the puppets are no longer controlled by him and go rogue, killing the only person responsible for their torture they can reach. As for Seluvis' weird death pose, im pretty sure Ranni made him drink his own sh.

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Imagine getting npc or boss of your choice as a puppet. Glintblade Phalanx. Once there, confront him about his secret room. You can also visit the Church of Vows and seek absolution for your sins, and you will then be able to continue Ranni's quest. Take this item to Ranni as she slumbers in her tower, and choose the option to administer the Amber Draught. The ruins themselves can be somewhat difficult to find; the map below pinpoints the exact location. You can find a projection of Seluvis near the entrance and he'll suggest you pay him a visit in his tower. Just to the left of this wall, is another illusory wall. Should you choose Sellen you will succeed in restoring the primeval current It is also noted that the two stopped talking because of her, implying a potential love triangle of sorts. Seluvis's quest will end the same way regardless. Tested each day one by one by waiting at a grace, and surprisingly, after three days, it worked! Talk to Seluvis and he'll ask you to help him administer a potion to Nepheli. Why, just why, lol. Seluvis on the other hand is pure, petty malice.

Others, however, are more intimate affairs, allowing you to better understand the characters of this world.

This is the furthest left tower in the Three Sisters and can be spotted as such on the map. He is an egotistical, self serving, arrogant scumbag. Return to him and give him this key item to allow him to make his Amber Draught. Really lame how you can't actually succeed and mess Ranni up, but it's no wonder considering how big of a bias the devs have towards her. I fear your wretched provinciality is apt to burst. I wish more writers would remember that, while most people are good at heart or have some underlying reason as to why they do evil, some people are just pieces of garbage. At this point in the game, she can most likely be found in Liurna of the Lakes and specifically, the Village of the Albinaurics. So why does Ranni kill him? This is why I think Seluvis is the most interesting character, because if Ranni wasn't one of the protagnists of the game, he would have succeeded, but perhaps his' arrogance got to him. Seluvis will also give you the Magic Scorpion Charm, a Talisman that boosts your magic attack and the cost of making you take more damage, after giving the potion to Ranni. Upon accessing the Three Sisters i n northwest Liurnia, you'll be granted access to three distinct towers; however, to remove the magic barrier in front of Seluvis's tower, you will need to visit Ranni's Rise and begin the Ranni the Witch Questline.

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