the commons emu

The commons emu

A petition seeking increased wages and better meals for Eastern Michigan University dining students has garnered more than signatures since it was launched. On Feb.

It is the only extant member of the genus Dromaius and the second-tallest living bird after its African ratite relative, the common ostrich. The emu's native ranges cover most of the Australian mainland. Emus have soft, brown feathers with long necks and legs, and can reach up to 1. They are omnivorous and forage on a variety of plants and insects, and can go for weeks without eating. They drink infrequently, but take in copious amounts of fresh water when the opportunity arises. Breeding takes place in May and June, and fighting among females for a mate is common.

The commons emu


The emu's native ranges cover most of the Australian mainland. Another stratagem was for the hunter to use a skin as a disguise, and the birds could be lured into a camouflaged pit trap using rags or imitation calls. Threats to their survival the commons emu egg predation by other animals especially invasive speciesroadkills and habitat fragmentation.


New students and those returning to campus, along with members of the EMU community, can enjoy a variety of new dining options on campus covering a wide range of tastes and food styles. Also open Sept. At the Crossroads eating area , located by the Tower Residence Halls, you can build your own Greek Yogurt parfait at the new Chobani spot, which will open this fall. Spots to open with the start of classes Sept. At the Eastern Eateries, located at the connection of Walton, Putnam, Phelps and Sellers residence halls on the north side of campus, Grill Nation will be serving burgers, chicken and fries; 2mato will offer pizza and pastas; and Cluck will be serving a student favorite: chicken tenders. Fresh made smoothies and a build your own salad bar will also be available, along with on-the-go items. The Dining Commons , located by Best, Buell, Wise and Downing residence halls, will continue to offer a variety of food options and entrees, changing with each meal.

The commons emu

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Casuarius Southern cassowary C. The early European settlers killed emus to provide food and used their fat for fuelling lamps. Archived from the original on 14 July In Western Australia, emu movements follow a distinct seasonal pattern — north in summer and south in winter. The New York Times. While she never really thought about an end goal, she mostly just wants to get other students to realize how horrible EDining is to its main consumers. They are most common in areas of savannah woodland and sclerophyll forest, and least common in heavily populated districts and arid areas with annual precipitation of less than millimetres 24 in. Retrieved 5 August Apterygidae kiwi. On very hot days, emus pant to maintain their body temperature. Both males and females put on weight during the breeding season, with the female becoming slightly heavier at between 45 and 58 kg 99 and lb. The facial feathers gradually thin to expose the bluish skin.

At EMU, we learn to lead together.

In the areas in which it was endemic , the emu was an important source of meat to Aboriginal Australians. They are omnivorous and forage on a variety of plants and insects, and can go for weeks without eating. The feathers direct any rain downwards onto the ground. The population of these birds varies from decade to decade, largely being dependent on rainfall; in , it was estimated that there were between , and , birds. Podcast: October 27, By Tre Briscoe. Farmington Hills, Michigan: Gale Group. Often the female will reject his advances with aggression, but if amenable, she signals acceptance by squatting down and raising her rump. This is a species differing in many particulars from that generally known, and is a much larger bird, standing higher on its legs and having the neck longer than in the common one. Facts on File. Taylor Blake, the farm's owner, since has recorded video shorts explaining aspects of the farm and is often interrupted as Emmanuel the Emu photobombs her videos earning constant rebukes; the term "Emmanuel don't do it! They also eat charcoal, although the reason for this is unclear. A high-intensity boom is audible 2 kilometres 1. Archived from the original on 10 March

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