the commonwealth walking dead

The commonwealth walking dead

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The final season of The Walking Dead tied up many plot threads that originated during the series' beginnings, including one early message that was honored through the introduction of the Commonwealth. The Walking Dead season 10 debuted the Commonwealth, a massive community from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novel series, though the survivors didn't integrate into the community until season Despite many feeling as though the Commonwealth story was rushed, key plot points from the beginning of The Walking Dead were finally concluded. The Walking Dead introduced audiences to an array of unique characters, meant to represent ordinary people in the world before The Walking Dead's virus outbreak, who discover who they are once society collapses. One of the longest-running commentaries in The Walking Dead was the exploration of what the survivors did before the "Fall.

The commonwealth walking dead

The Walking Dead 's last episodes are finally here -- but they sure doesn't feel like it. With little to no promotion besides a few trailers here and there , AMC is as apprehensive as the fans about the end of the series. And with the Commonwealth being the storyline to close it out, it's looking like The Walking Dead was slightly unprepared to tackle the monster of a storyline in such little time. The Season 11C premiere "Lockdown" isn't terrible, but it definitely doesn't convince viewers that the final episodes will leave the series on a strong note. For starters, the timeline is quite messy and downright confusing. Lance Hornsby seizing Oceanside was the big cliffhanger of Season 11, Episode 16, "Acts of God," which almost lived up to the infamous Season 6 premiere that left everyone wondering for months about who Negan was going to kill. But in "Lockdown," Lance is back in action with Daryl and Maggie. What happened to Oceanside? Was Oceanside just a side quest that viewers aren't privileged enough to watch on-screen? The world may never know, but it's perplexing just how much is swept under the rug. But the entirety of the Commonwealth storyline has been unfortunate from the start.

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Warning: spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season The final season of The Walking Dead has Daryl Dixon and the Alexandrians facing off against Pamela Milton's Commonwealth, but the antagonists are massively different compared to their counterparts in Robert Kirkman's comic book series. Eugene discovered the Commonwealth through his radio transmissions in The Walking Dead season 10, and most of Alexandria subsequently relocated to the huge Commonwealth community during season Led by Pamela Milton and Lance Hornsby, the Commonwealth sustains an entrenched class system that the rich take full advantage of, exactly like in the comics. All The Walking Dead villains have been changed from their comic versions to an extent, but the Commonwealth is by far the most extreme example.

Please be aware that spoilers are not allowed on the wiki and a violation of this policy may result in a ban. Thank you. Allied with a sprawling network of united townships in the Midwestern and Southern regions, their communities were populated with over 50, survivors in total. The Commonwealth was established by former U. President William Milton shortly after the outbreak in The Commonwealth Army , led by General Michael Mercer , secured the city and built a large wall around the capital, providing the Commonwealth with safety needed to produce its own infrastructure. While able to recreate the old world, the Commonwealth also faced issues of classism and police brutality within an autocratic oligarchy.

The commonwealth walking dead

After weeks of buildup, Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead finally introduced The Commonwealth , the biggest and best-organized settlement in the show's long history of exploring the state of civilization in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. The scale of The Commonwealth, as well as the system it operates under, is unlike anything viewers of the show have seen before, and that's exactly the point. In the comics, the location was one of the last — and largest — settlements ever seen, and represented a key part of the saga's endgame. With the flagship TV series in the midst of its super-sized final season, that throughline will likely remain until the end. As showrunner Angela Kang explained to Entertainment Weekly in a post-mortem on this week's episode, "Out of the Ashes," the introduction of The Commonwealth is meant to at least suggest the idea of a return to "normal" after years of encountering settlements that are anything but. So for our characters, they're coming in and we wanted that sort of surreal experience of like, we just didn't think a place like this could exist anymore. We had no inkling that anything beyond a small town could even be up and running and as successfully as it is right now. As it's introduced in The Walking Dead comics, The Commonwealth is not just one community, but dozens of communities all working together to bring thousands of survivors under the control of a single government, complete with class systems to make sure everyone has a job to do, a standing army , and an economic system built on actual payments rather than simple communal living. A community of that scale meant the show needed sets to match, and so the production team got to work on a Commonwealth set that's one of the biggest we've seen on the show, taking over space once reserved for both the prison earlier in the series and the original Saviors compound.

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Season 1 Season 2. The Commonwealth functions very differently to all other previously known survivor communities, in many ways functioning as though the outbreak never happened. Maggie and Negan trudge through the woods and stop in an abandoned neighborhood house to wait for the others; they are eventually joined by Gabriel and Elijah. When it was introduced towards the end of The Walking Dead season 10, the Commonwealth based its society around what its citizens did before the apocalypse, believing that this informed their role within the community. Yumiko confronts Hornsby and demands to know where Tomi is. This season adapts material from issues — of the comic book series and focuses on the group's encounter with the Commonwealth, a large network of communities that has advanced equipment and over fifty thousand survivors living in their settlements. Back in the past, 30 days after joining the Commonwealth, Daryl, Judith , R. He explains that the Commonwealth has a population of 50, and is led by Governor Pamela Milton. The fact that the Commonwealth put so much effort into assigning people roles based on their pre-outbreak lives meant that one of The Walking Dead's earliest plot points could be addressed and satisfyingly concluded. One of the longest-running commentaries in The Walking Dead was the exploration of what the survivors did before the "Fall. A number of Coalition forces and liberated prisoners use the Commonwealth's train to return to the city in order to overthrow Pamela; in honor of her family's vision of the future, Judith accompanies them. Maggie is suspicious of the Commonwealth and refuses to accept aid from them, to the frustration of several Hilltop residents who decide to go join the Commonwealth. While protecting Maggie, Judith is shot by Pamela. When Sebastian reanimates as a zombie, a grieving Pamela has Rowan executed and orders Hornsby to feed his corpse to Sebastian as a punishment.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead is on the road to civilization.

While this helped bring the overall story of The Walking Dead full circle, it also carried a deeper meaning for the survivors joining The Walking Dead 's Commonwealth. Promo Pictures Project. In an attempt to quell the rebellion, Pamela has a massive herd led to the city to trigger a lockdown, but the herd contains a number of variant walkers and is able to overrun the Commonwealth's defenses. Leah is aghast but when Pope prepares to fire a hwacha at walker and Reaper alike, she kills him. March 27, Elsewhere, Michonne continues her search for Rick. March 20, From the torturous entry process to the more aggressive army, the Commonwealth is generally a more hostile community in The Walking Dead 's TV adaptation. Tomi points out that there is a long waiting list for patients to undergo surgery, and that the only way for Ezekiel to be properly treated would be for him to get bumped to the top of the list for one reason or another. It also has an event arena for different sports and concerts by surviving musicians of the outbreak, whom the apocalypse made popular. Characters The Tourist Unnamed or Unseen. When Michonne and Elodie see each other they immediately burst into tears and hug each other.

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