urban dictionary mog

Urban dictionary mog

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Urban dictionary mog

Jesus Christ that guy is about to mog them! Half man , half dog. He's his own best friend. Barf was a mog. Young Liz Lemon sets off my mog-dar. To masturbate and jog at the same time. Connor mogs to improve his cardio. Label used to describe a person with the most extreme nerd-like qualities. Common characteristics include, but are not limited to, glasses, short pants , excessive focus in mathematics or computer sciences, unibrows, social difficulty, fanny packs , and highly developed hand coordination due to frequent typing and fervent masturbation. Mogs often start sentences with phrases such as "theoretically", "mathematically", "according to quantum mechanics", and "Star Wars". They are often found at libraries, science fairs, and virtual online gaming sites. The 13 year old in my calculus class is such a mog ass. Mog is an acronym girls use when secretly speaking about a specific type of man they are interested in. MOG stands for Man of God.

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Clipping of moggie or moggy. From English morgue. From Wiktionary, the free dictionary. His face mogs mine to hell and back. This youngshit mogs me: I'm such a hon. The men are all so fucking god-like compared to a subhuman loser like me.

Please take care while reading, and note the helpful resources at the end of this story. In the text overlay of a TikTok with over 2. The canthal tilt is the angle between the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye. Prey eyes are categorized as having a negative canthal tilt with wider eyes. Ross Perry. Supermodel Jordan Barrett, 26, has seemingly become the poster boy for looksmaxxing and mogging on the platform. Fancam edits of him at press events or professional photoshoots have been turned into looksmaxxing fodder for months. Some of the memes are pretty meta — using parentheticals to dismantle captions of fake confidence achieved through practicing various looksmaxxing tactics. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating habits, contact the National Alliance for Eating Disorders at A viral voice test claims to know if users were incels.

Urban dictionary mog

Mogging or Mog is a slang term describing the act of dominating another person, commonly but not necessarily through the means of appearing more physically fit and attractive than them. Coined by pickup artists and initially popularized within the " manosphere ," the term saw gradual popularization online in the late s and s. The word "mogging" is derived from the acronym AMOG, which stands for "alpha male of the group," and stands for "dominating another person. Mogging can be accomplished through various means, but commonly boils down to appearing superior to another person, be it through being more physically attractive, being in a better shape, having better clothes or being smarter than them. The word has been used on fitness forums and imageboards since at least The term saw initial spread outside of imageboards and incel subreddits in early when it started appearing in memes and humorous posts on Instagram, Twitter and iFunny. On September 12th, , Instagram [5] page memes.

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Co-authored by:. Originally Posted by Lucifersam. Hobbies and Crafts Crafts Drawing Games. Here are some ideas to get you on the way to great Scrabble scores! English Quiz. Featured Articles. Transing or Mogging. The cards being dealt, the first player asks the dealer if he will mog , i. Follow Us. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Collins Conundrum. Jesus Christ that guy is about to mog them! Services My Account.

Jesus Christ that guy is about to mog them! Half man , half dog.

Mog is an acronym girls use when secretly speaking about a specific type of man they are interested in. Sign up for wikiHow's weekly email newsletter Subscribe You're all set! Co-authored by:. Originally Posted by Dazzy. Quiz English grammar. Get that mog out of here! Simplified to English. Edit this Article. Word Lists. Recent Forum Posts PM. Not sure if that means something icky either, but it came to me naturally. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms.

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