vertical joyride

Vertical joyride

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Vertical joyride


Thursday 7 December


Hit it, don't babysit it Hit it, don't babysit it Hit it, don't babysit it Hit it, don't babysit it Hit it, don't babysit it Hit it, don't babysit it Oh, yes Call it Sesele Fest Am I next to put smoke in my chest? A big fat filly for the line exclusive And when I'm rollin' in my ride, kinda hot Females be on my tail because I'm so fly I said, oh, checkin' the scenery right on the cloud nine No one can get with me I can go ten different places at one time I can jump in my air and walk through my mind Psychedelic P-Funk, plus a Buddha Hedge Light it up, little nigga, go ahead And if you see a big cat, pick it up Tits jackin' as OG, stick him up And if you have a vertical joyride within reach Do the right thing, eat the peach Synthetize, stick and listen to this It'll have you buggin' like you wish it wasn't I'm AMT, the host of the most of your high I'll be your tour guide on this vertical joyride Now, hoes, I love you without your clothes When you put them on, I wanna see you gone Because my dick don't have eyes I know you're mesmerized by the size So eat them up like a burger and fries Cause you're a hoe, a tramp, a slut, and you suck dick Giving up the lips in between your hips You want me? A nigga with dick for days Cash to pay, and hoes with big ass to sway And I'm looking for a new Janine To be my one and only dick fiend Thick, fat, pussy, hips, ass, and titties And I've got much big dick for the nitty gritty I may swing and sing, jam like Teddy does Some say you was a sucker, nigga No, never was, AMG and healthy So you can get a little high On the vertical joyride Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Lighthouse. Gxlden Child. Maybon , Skylike , rainage. Gabriel Sordo MEX. Playlist Album. Joyride Single The Lighthouse.

Vertical joyride

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Sunday 3 December Saturday 4 November His real name i… read more. AMG is a West Coast rapper from Compton, California known for the sexually explicit — albeit relatively good-natured and humorous — nature of his lyrics and best known for his song "Bi… read more. Search Search. Join others and track this song Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last. Friday 2 February Don't want to see ads? Wednesday 21 February Saturday 23 September

Select recording artist AMG hasn't made much hip-hop impact. His tough-talking, prototype gangsta rap was featured on two discs for Select in

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