Yamaha xt600

Yamaha XT The kind ofmr :hine that you can take ale lost anywhere, yamaha xt600. Of all the dual-purpose motorcycles available today, few, if any, can match yamaha xt600 Yamaha XT for its outstanding all-round versatility. And none come close to equalling its year development programme that started with the launch of the original XT in the mid 70s.

The Yamaha XTE is about as straightforward, reliable and solid as an old school trail bike gets. The Yamaha XTE was the last of a long line of 4-valve air-cooled Yamaha singles, starting off with the original, much-loved XT of the mids. This is a true trailie: decent off-round and straightforward and ujn-fussy on. The Yamaha XTE is a trail bike first, road bike second — and it shows. Tyres are semi knobbly, suspension is soft, brakes are weedy by road standards and the seat is narrow and uncomfortable after middling distances. But there are no great suprises, either, and around town the Yamaha XTE is fab.

Yamaha xt600

Back in the old days, there were no such things as specialized motorcycles, or even dual-purpose motorcycles. You took the lights off of your street bike and stripped some weight if you wanted a cowtrailing machine. If you took off even more weight, hopped-up the engine and put on the appropriate tires and handlebars, you had either a road racer or a scrambler. And a touring bike? Well, that was the same basic street machine with a duffel bag strapped to the rear and some sort of aftermarket, handlebar-mount windshield up front. Yes, some dual-purpose machines can be used for long-distance touring, but compared to gliding along the highway on one of the big touring bikes, doing so is an ordeal. Off-road, a good rider can take a dual-purpose bike almost anywhere, but an equally skilled rider on a proper dirt bike will get there sooner with less effort—and fewer crashes. On twisty backroads, dual-purpose bikes account for themselves amazingly well, but a good sport bike remains a far better choice for doing Kenny Roberts imitations. Still, dual-purpose motorcycles seem to maintain a small but loyal following of riders who believe in the one-bike-for-all-uses concept. And the prestige class for dual-purpose machinery is the big-bore division, bikes that displace from to cc. Styling, of course, is heavily biased towards the dirt side of things, which is apparent in the high-mounted plastic fenders front and rear. The sidepanels and headlight cover have blacked-out panels meant to resemble number plates. There are even air shrouds attached to the bottom of the gas tank, which seems a trifle gimmicky, although Yamaha claims they direct cooling air to the engine.

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Motorbikes passed me by as a young man, despite the wide-eyed lunchtime visits to the local bike shop. My 40th birthday was the catalyst for taking a direct access course, and the start of my love affair with two-wheeled travel. My first bike, a DL V-strom, was an excellent introduction to riding, but it was the allure of wide-open spaces and roads without tarmac that really drew me. So, what bike? I was looking for something which would cover the miles without stressing the engine; was well tested, robust, and simple to maintain, and with enough road speed to hold its own with passing trucks.

If you really wanted to go someplace rough, like the backroads of many African nations, you needed a bike that was stone reliable. And preferably reasonably light in weight in case it had to be dragged out of a muddy swamp, or put in a canoe should the need arise. In North America we have a pretty well organized system of getting help, everything from the AAA to having a helicopter retrieve a bike that has fallen into a canyon somewhere in the Colorado Rockies. At some point in the future you will be able to bounce a phone call off some satellite and have a drone deliver a replacement part within 12 hours, but that is still a bit off in the future. The first Yamaha XT, the version, appeared in and was well received. That was a two-valve overhead cam motor with a bore of 87mm, stroke of 84mm. After drastically modified versions won the Paris-Dakar race in and , it caught on big-time in Europe. Those victories were a real good selling point.

Yamaha xt600

Max torque was Claimed horsepower was This bike traces its roots back to the original big Japanese thumper , the XT of the s. Although it was a very nice dual sport, it wasn't competitive with the other thumpers from Japan and was discontinued in It was a direct replacement to the XT and was a drastic improvement to that model. It was later brought back in the form of the more road ready Yamaha XTE.

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The DR shook its exhaust header pipe loose, but a couple of nuts pirated from the other bikes put us back in business. The Yamaha XTE is limited to about 90mph as a road bike, though…. The Tengai's shorter suspension travel is a plus on the pavement, allowing less brake dive and less effort flicking through esses. The one in the pic had a high mileage crankshaft failure after untold amounts of abuse. Maintenance is low, just keep the bike clean and well oiled engine and chain and you'll have no problems. A weekend escape module, perhaps? Final Drive. In the end, it's a notch ahead of the Yamaha overall on the strength of a more muscular engine, broader comfort band and longer range. Current Issue. The litre steel fuel tanks were replaced with litre Acerbis black plastic ones; the hard square-edged off-road seats were reshaped and restyled for comfort by Motorcycle Seat Works, and the small engine guard was replaced with a large bash plate from Touratech. Four stroke, single cylinder, SOHC, 4 valve. Adventure Rider.

Back in the old days, there were no such things as specialized motorcycles, or even dual-purpose motorcycles. You took the lights off of your street bike and stripped some weight if you wanted a cowtrailing machine.

In the morning it's best to use full choke with no throttle, and the XT will rumble to life in three or four kicks. The XT's carbs—a 27mm slide-type primary linked to a mm CV-type secondary—are manufactured by Teikei. Cycle World Test Yamaha Xt The 's street manners are sufficient for crossing the street, but you are going to have to be pretty intent if you actually plan on riding any distance on the street. YX Radian. Yamaha motorcycles. Both rear carriers are capable of packing 22 pounds. Its a big single, it suffers from high frequency vibrations. In any off-road contest but horse- power, the diminutive DR flat leaves them for dead. I have toured extensivly with this bike and with my kilos plus luggage it still a beast and delivers good low and mid range power no matter the conditions. The lost a rear turn signal in a low-speed bail-off, and the KLR blew its headlight fuse the fuse box could be easier to access, by the way. From cold, engage full choke, press down the compression-release lever and kick through slowly. If you want a poseur or a street bike, there are plenty of choices.

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