zeldas surprise visitor

Zeldas surprise visitor

After defeating the Calamity, our heroes consult with Impa, who informs them that due to the e

Despite releasing only a week ago, Stray has managed to capture the attention of many in the gaming community. With a unique premise and laid-back gameplay mechanics, Stray continues to influence players in a variety of different ways. Though, given the simplistic nature of the gameplay, seeing as the playable character is a cat, there have been a surprising number of real-world parallels when it comes to Stray , with this most recent example being particularly charming. In addition to the bizarre yet creative worldbuilding and storytelling, one of the most appealing facets of Stray is the ability to play as a cat. The concept of playing as an animal is not uncommon when it comes to video games, with such titles as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess allowing players to play as an animal for a significant portion of the game. However, with Stray, the premise is comparatively more believable, given how common stray cats typically are.

Zeldas surprise visitor

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Though Vah Naboris seemed at peace, the two Hylians that appeared next to it in a flash of blue light couldn't match its absolute tranquility. After defeating the Calamity, our heroes consult with Impa, zeldas surprise visitor, who informs them that due to the e


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Zeldas surprise visitor

I took a quick look at the map in the Sheikah Slate, found which direction I needed to go in, and let Link bring out his paraglider to get closer to Thyphlo Ruins. I stopped by a stable to bring Epona with me so I could reach the entrance faster and then left her waiting there while I stepped inside. I was on a mission and not for the hidden Shrine that one had already been found a long time ago but to snap a couple of pictures. If you wonder why I was going to the ruins just to take pictures, I have a very simple answer for you: I write articles, and pictures were needed for my then-upcoming column. I did fairly well at first. I lit up the path before Link, trying my best not to get lost, and took only a few hits from enemies lurking in the dark. I took my time re-exploring the ruins and finding the best angles for my photos. There was still no fire to be seen in the distance.

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Add to Collection. The Divine Beast sat in silence, overlooking the land of Hyrule from its perch on the mountain top it rested upon. Chapter The Passing of the Torch. Chapter Misunderstanding in the Forest. All rights reserved. Chapter The Gerudo Warriors Meeting. Chapter Zelda Enters Vah Rudania. Send to Friend. Chapter 1: The Calamity Ganon. This has driven players to analyze the world of Stray in a number of unexpected ways. Chapter Acceptance.

It is clear that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has learned plenty from its predecessor and has built upon all the awesomeness that has become key features of the franchise. From having an array of shrines to tons of collectibles, there is always something for players and Link to get up outside of the main story progress. Chances are, players will also stumble onto some of the side quests that can be found in Hyrule, which come with their own sets of rewards that are always helpful.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Chapter 1: The Calamity Ganon. Chapter Trouble in Tarrey Town. Add to Collection. Chapter The Knight and Goddess Descendants. Source: Reddit. This encounter that the user had with a stray cat further illustrates the inventive nature behind Stray. Chapter Acceptance. The knight silently nodded, a comforting smile remaining on his face as he envisioned Zelda waiting for him to return from the Divine Beast. Chapter The Trials of Hebra. Chapter A Feather Owed.

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