zhonglis voice actor

Zhonglis voice actor

One of the most powerful and intriguing characters in Genshin Impact is Zhongli. Although he is a god, Zhongli and the Archon he is a vessel for, who is named Morax, choose to live among the mortals and experience zhonglis voice actor while behaving mostly as one. Related: Genshin Impact tier list: Best and worst characters ranked. Players will find that, in addition to being one of the most powerful characters around, Zhongli is also an important character in the story they will run into many times during their journey, zhonglis voice actor.

A consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor , he is later revealed to be the Geo Archon , Morax , who has decided to experience the world from the perspective of a mortal. Each Constellation activation requires one Zhongli's Stella Fortuna. Zhongli has been promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in 5 Event Wishes :. Genshin Impact Wiki Explore. The World. Food Potions.

Zhonglis voice actor

Within the game, he serves as the former supreme ruler of the Chinese -inspired nation of Liyue [ zh ] and the mortal vessel of the Geo Archon , Morax, one of the Seven Archons of Teyvat. Zhongli first appeared as a non-player character in Version 1. In the design of the production team, Zhongli is employed at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and was created with the personality of being knowledgeable, elegant, and proficient in matters regarding Liyue. Zhongli, as the Archon of Liyue, takes on the form of a slender and handsome adult male. His costume combines the elegance of the Western tuxedo with that of the Chinese robe , creating a dynamic of the merger of the East and the West that was neither obtrusive nor that of an elegant hermit. It is also adorned with auspicious Fang Sheng patterns and silver-gray Chinese knotting , describing Zhongli's image of a former emperor turned into an hermit within Teyvat. He described the process of dubbing Zhongli as being initially relatively serious and slow, but small details, such as forgetting to bring his wallet in the game, also prompted a more carefree side from Zhongli. Despite these difficulties, he would state that throughout the dubbing process, he gained a better understanding of his mannerisms and the origins behind them. Zhongli is the mysterious guest of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, who is responsible for assisting in the preparation of its funerals and provides knowledge and support for attributes of the funeral. He is knowledgeable, elegant, and proficient in subjects and matters regarding Liyue. In the game, Zhongli often eats and drinks outside, purchases random goods, usually antiques, and writes off the expenses to either Hu Tao or Tartaglia, much to their annoyance. After an argument between the Traveler and Tartaglia, the latter discovers that the remains of Morax do not contain a "Gnosis," and realizes that he is alive. He decides to summon the ancient god Osial to force Morax to appear. After defeating Osial with the Adepti, the Liyue Qixing, and Millelith, the Traveler discovers that Morax had not shown up, and turns back to look for Zhongli.

Retrieved March 2, — via Twitter. Geo Constructs other than the Stone Stele itself, can take resonance from multiple nearby Stone Steles. Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

Keith Silverstein is an American voice actor, known for lending his voice to English versions of Japanese anime and video games. Silverstein has been married to Rosemary Do since October 10, Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk. Read Edit View history.

The game takes place in the bright world of Teyvat, home to seven different nations that are all tied to a specific element. Although the player follows the story of the Traveler, the protagonist, they can play as many other awesome heroes. He controls the element of Geo and uses a Polearm in combat. Zhongli, a 5-star character, is a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Updated November 18, , by Nahda Nabiilah : Genshin Impact has entered a new era with the release of version 2. The major update opens the Electro region, Inazuma, and one patch after, Raiden Shogun is released.

Zhonglis voice actor

Note: The following transcriptions and romanizations may differ slightly from the audio as the Chinese Voice-Overs are based on the Simplified Chinese text. Genshin Impact Wiki Explore. The World. Food Potions. Alchemy Creation Cooking Forging Processing. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account?

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AshlyTWhite November 6, Rock, the Backbone of Earth. Trinity Universe. Related Content. Published: Sep 12, pm. September 5, — September 26, A bronze statue of Zhongli was also displayed at the Sanxingdui Museum for visitors to take pictures of. Pick up your copy today! Street Fighter X Tekken. Retrieved December 7, While interacting with Zhongli, you may find yourself wondering who lends their voice to the Geo Polearm character. Bandai Namco Entertainment. Retrieved March 20,

Genshin Impact Wiki Explore. The World. Food Potions.

Retrieved December 9, Ano furuki tomo to no saikai wa, itsu kanau darou ka? Does not react with other elements. Bandai Namco Entertainment. Download as PDF Printable version. App Trigger. Archived from the original on December 30, Retrieved April 4, Explore Wikis Community Central. September 5, — September 26, Scene: Ending credits, in, Additional Voices.

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