zsa voyager

Zsa voyager

By Antonio G.

This is lovely and kind of tempting but, like every keyboard-nerd keyboard, it's made by and for someone who wants the smallest possible number of keys in front of them and a bunch of toggleable modes. I want more keys. I want my dedicated f-keys back so that when I launch an action in Illustrator I don't have to hold down the fn key, along with whatever other modifier key I may be using to distinguish between a couple other action assigned to that key. Their Moonlander's much more sensible, with a baker's dozen of meta keys around each half's keyboard block. Hitting a little one-handed chord almost seems reasonable, compared to all the one-handed stretches I've got in my daily art routine. I'd be super-tempted by this or an Ergodox EZ if they were putting them on sale because they are no longer the new hotness, they might actually see integration into my workflow, but there's absolutely no price difference. I already have the baked part.

Zsa voyager

The Voyager works just as well as part of a permanent desktop setup. Build your entire workstation around it and enjoy great ergonomics while leaving lots of room for a pointing device, a cup of coffee, and your favorite cat. The Voyager can do much more than your typical keyboard. Customize it for your personal typing style and pack it full of handy shortcuts for the apps you use most. Oryx is a free, simple, and powerful keyboard layout editor that you can use right now, in your browser. Point-and-click your way to the ultimate in comfort and productivity. The Voyager has a bright and colorful LED under every key: These LEDs can dance across the surface of the keyboard using a variety of included animations. We've been making high-end keyboards since Here's our lineup. Customize the board over time or swap out a switch as needed. Columnar keyboards make it easier to reach above and below the home row.

Here's our lineup. The idea of the magnetic accessories for a steel case seems interesting.

In this post I try to summarize my thoughts on the ZSA Voyager , a split, low-profile, ergonomic keyboard after using it for three months. I have had very little previous experience on mechanical keyboards. As I typed more and more with the ThinkPad keyboard both external and internal , my hands adjusted to the flat keyboard and short key travel. Early this year I decided to switch my keyboard layout from Finnish to US. I had tried to make the switch before but failed. This time I decided to stick with it.

In stock. Ships in three weeks. This set comes with 52 keys mounted on the board, plus 36 extra keycaps, lovingly presented for customization and future use. See them all here. None of the keys bear Shifted characters. This one's for the minimalists. The circles are carefully sized and placed to make the most of the board's colorful LEDs.

Zsa voyager

A short cable, 22cm long. For scale, this is approximately as long as a European hedgehog. A medium cable, 38cm long. That's as long as a fennec fox, if you don't count the tail. If these lengths seem oddly specific, it's because they are. Just like the keycaps, the legs, and the carrying case, these cables are custom-made for the Voyager. Each serves a specific purpose and is meant for one particular style of setup:.

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They are nice indeed, but I'll never buy one again and I'll always recommend against them for what you pointed out: the quality build is horrible. So, then you think, oh no worries, I'll just set up a single shortcut that does what I need, but then you end up with a profusion of shortcuts that you need to remember. Where is this one going to go? Each Voyager kit comes with a carrying case, a two-year warranty, and 36 extra keycaps for a little customization. It's ortholinear, which I find way more sensible. The reachability of the keys is better than in the ErgoDox EZ. It is wired. More from Tech. The LEDs are useful and not simply moronic eye-candy as you seem to imply. And a lot more keys than I need. There's a wire!

This is a review of the Voyager from ZSA.

I have a raise, the build quality is definitely top notch. I get mild carpal tunnel symptoms when working straight on my Macbook, so I bought a Kinesis Freestyle Pro. Ultimate portability. See the extras. I want keyboard pants as well. They have played a significant role in reducing pain I experience from arthritis. This is my issue as well. I feel like that would be my holy grail. This can be improved with time and practice. With up to 32 layers, you can make a layer dedicated to your favorite game or app and get single-key access to helpful combos and shortcuts.

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