all quiet on the western front chapter 7 summary

All quiet on the western front chapter 7 summary

Second Company is taken to a field depot for reinforcements, and the men are given some time off.

Paul's company is taken back to a field depot to be reorganized and brought back up to strength. While there, the men get some well earned rest and relaxation. While loafing, Himmelstoss comes to them a changed man. His combat experiences have made him more friendly. The men welcome him, except for Tjaden.

All quiet on the western front chapter 7 summary

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Second Company is taken to a field depot for reinforcements, and the men are given some time off. Himmelstoss wants to make amends with the boys, and Paul is willing to forgive him, since Himmelstoss helped Haie when he was hit in the back. Even Tjaden comes around when Himmelstoss becomes the new sergeant-cook and treats the men to delicacies. Paul reflects on habit and how it seems to obliterate memory; with food and rest, the days at the front hardly exist in their minds. At rest, the men turn into "loafers" out of necessity. Otherwise, they would have to confront the huge numbers of dead and wounded among them. The same goes for their sense of humor--without it, they would "go to pieces. Paul and Kropp stare at an attractive girl on an old poster for an army theater performance. They rip out the picture of the man next to her. Comparing her clean appearance with their dirty clothes, they go off to get deloused.

All quiet on the western front chapter 7 summary

Paul and his company are back at a field depot for reorganization. The following day they are to return to the front. They eat, drink, smoke and sleep, and make the best of their situation. In the evening Paul, Kropp, Leer and Tjaden go swimming, since the houses where they are billeted are near a canal. Three French women walk by the bank, and the men exchange banter with them. The women beckon them to come over to the opposite bank, but the men know that is forbidden, and that there are sentries on the watch. The women indicate the house where they live, and the men say they will come that night, when the guards cannot see them. The women make it clear that the men should bring bread with them. Paul, Kropp and Leer decide to exclude Tjaden from their adventure since there are only three women.

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There is a man next to the girl in the picture, but they tear him down, because he is clean and they are filthy. School Book List Titles. Death finally comes for Paul, likely as a relief, on an unusually quiet day. The men do not understand most of their rapid French chatter. Chapter 5. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder. Paul's mother sorrowfully counts down the days of his leave. Paul tries to comfort the man as he slowly dies. Free trial is available to new customers only. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more.

At the field depot, Second Company takes a brief, well deserved rest. They are reorganizing, in need of more than a hundred reinforcements. Himmelstoss is friendly and, because he brought Westhus back after he was wounded, Paul is kinder to him.

All Quiet on the Western Front literature essays are academic essays for citation. Paul learns that for the French girl the sex was a means to an end—the food he brought her, and perhaps the simple pleasure of sex; she did not care much at all about him. In the evenings, when the men go swimming, three French women walk by the river and look at the naked soldiers. Literary Devices Themes Motifs Symbols. His mother becomes anxious and asks him how it is at the front, because she has heard stories from other soldiers. He thinks of Kemmerich , and contemplates visiting his mother, but that leads him to thinking about being with his comrades at the front. After, the men discuss the emperor and nationalism; Kropp wonders if both sides can possibly be "in the right," and Tjaden is curious as to how a war gets started and what its purpose is. Having endured the horrors of the front, Paul is angry that he should be scolded for his lack of protocol. Paul receives leave to go home and recover, but when he parts from his mother it is even more difficult than before. Renews March 21, March 14, She is sold on the romantic notion of war, and love for her is possible only if Paul is an idealized, heroic soldier. Morning has just started by the time they pull into his station. What happens to Paul at the end of the novel? Her voice overwhelms Paul, and he is brought to tears.

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