dibujos eddie iron maiden

Dibujos eddie iron maiden

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Dibujos eddie iron maiden


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The undisputed ultimate heavy metal mascot has taken many forms throughout Maiden's expansive career from his appearance as a street hoodlum on their first ever single to the weird, the wonderful and sometimes downright macabre incarnations gracing the cover of record collections across the globe. He's appeared on every album, helped Maiden sell a fuck load of t-shirts, loomed large at some of the finest concerts you could ever bang your head to and been responsible for getting a hell of a load of people get into metal just because they liked the cover. Eddie The Head, we salute you. This is your life. Is it a skeleton? It is a zombie? Who cares, it looks fucking cool. Iron Maiden unleashed their second album on the world in , and with it one of the most iconic covers to date.

Dibujos eddie iron maiden

Iron Maiden mascot Eddie — Edward T Head, but Eddie to his friends — has for over 40 years been the first point of contact between unsuspecting, wide-eyed pubescents and the world of heavy metal. This is his story. The 80s had barely begun when a menacing shadow with burning eyes startled an anonymous rocker in a London backstreet.

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Bands had to really plan out their brand, and looking back there were quite a few funny attempts at standing out in the crowd. An iconic logo and a sprinkling of shock value sometimes caught the attention of the squares. Mysterious promo photos, ridiculous attire, and absurd names for members.

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