enes kanter freedom betul kanter

Enes kanter freedom betul kanter

Our podcasts, where we will announce human rights violations and developments in the world and publish important interviews, have started.

In the past, women of Turkey have always been discriminated, subjugated, and oppressed. Especially mothers have had to pay the price of conflicts and oppression more harshly. Extraordinary measures taken by the government following the coup attempt, the political conflicts, and consequential persecution have doubled the burden on mothers. We are extending our solidarity with:. We are also extending our sincere gratitude to Natali Avazyan, Eren Keskin, Huda Kaya, and many more courageous women who have cared for the persecuted children of Turkey, just like a mother would. We want the voice of 5, innocent women and mothers to be heard by 5, female leaders in 1, cities around the world.

Enes kanter freedom betul kanter

By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. To browse Academia. The right to leave a country of residence or nationality is embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is also a prerequisite for the enjoyment of other human rights such as right to international protection from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Since the attempted coup in Turkey, , individuals have been dismissed from their functions, , have been taken into custody and 60, arrested; among them more than 9, women and around children below the age of six. In addition, unlawful restrictions are imposed on hundreds of thousands of individuals, including the cancellation of more than two hundred thousand passports belonging to the purge victims, in violation of fundamental rules of both, domestic and international law. Journalists and Writers Foundation. The failed coup of July 15, in Turkey was followed by an unprecedented purge targeting citizens from all walks of life, in particular in the education, media, business, military and justice sectors. The ongoing purge and measures introduced under the umbrella of the state of emergency have severely limited individual rights and liberties. By Guest Editorial By Hafza Girdap "Human rights" refers to all the rights an individual has just by virtue of being human; regardless of their identities. International human rights rules urge states to guarantee. After the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, its high-level officials, including the president, have constantly talked about the necessity of the introduction of a state of emergency, and it has actually been declared on 20 July. What does this exactly mean? What are the effects and consequences of this step? Dimitry Kochenov.

The post Turkey resembles a different country as it underwent a seismic change in all facets and layers of the body politic. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. This report, in addition to the HRW-like studies, seeks to fill the gap by offering a detailed analysis of the political efforts aimed at subverting the legal system and manipulating post-coup trials, enes kanter freedom betul kanter.

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Born in Switzerland to Turkish parents, he was raised in Turkey and moved to the United States as a teenager. A center , Freedom played for five NBA teams during his eleven-year career. Freedom represented the Turkish national team in international play between and before his Turkish citizenship was revoked in He became an American citizen in The family then returned to Turkey, [6] where Kanter grew up. At the age of 17, Kanter moved to the United States to play basketball. He attended Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada , and then Mountain State Academy in Beckley, West Virginia ; neither school allowed him to play high school basketball because of his contract with Nike while he played basketball professionally.

Enes kanter freedom betul kanter

Outspoken professional basketball player Enes Kanter has legally changed his name to Enes Kanter Freedom to celebrate becoming a US citizen. He recited the oath using his new name. He has repeatedly condemned human rights violations in China and Turkey. The NBA star has said his Turkish passport was revoked by authorities in In an interview with CNN, Mr Kanter, who plays with the Boston Celtics, said the name change will reflect his "fight" for freedom throughout his life. This article contains content provided by Twitter. We ask for your permission before anything is loaded, as they may be using cookies and other technologies. In his remarks, Mr Kanter said that "freedom is the greatest thing a human being can have".

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Unfortunately, many died in the Evros River and the Aegean Sea. After providing a historical and political context about the evolution of an increasingly authoritarian regime in Turkey, this part of the report will take the issue of post-coup trials and analyze them from the angle of universally accepted legal norms and criteria. In correlation, more than , have been detained and , have been arrested. Three teenagers aged 14, 16, and 17 who were detained by police on suspicion that they were to protest on behalf of PKK, have obtained a health report from Van Training and Research Hospital and provided evidence that they were tortured in the police station. The mayors and co-mayors are currently the few remaining legal safety nets and under arrest. History, more than ever, serves as resistance and the reminder of the catastrophe brought with the formation of a nation. In the af- tention of removing them from the protection termath of the attempted coup, when thou- of the law for a prolonged period of time. There is no information on their where- his counterparts in Turkey on the matter. There- In its report in February the Par- fore, civil society participation will be crucial to liamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe the reform of Interpol in order to protect those PACE PACE noted with great concern the at risk of arrest under such misuses of the Red dramatic fivefold increase in the number of Notice system, now and in the future. The notorious return directives. The sec- Convention, this means that Council of Europe ond border-control practice which prevents states are prohibited from sending someone people from fleeing to apply for international to a country where there is such a risk.


It is our firm belief that concerted efforts from the international community can help prevent further atrocities and alleviate the suffering of the affected women. The Turkish judicial system currently Protocols 6 and 13 as well as the Second Op- provides no guarantees whatsoever for due tional Protocol to the ICCPR, all of which are process, fair trial and transparency. Migrant-filled boat, heading to Italy from the shores of Libya, sank on Wednesday off the coast of Pylos in Greece. The abortive coup provided President Erdogan and his party the much-needed pretext and unlimited latitude to embark on a massive purge to dismiss their real and perceived political opponents from public service. The media report subsequently elicited a denial from Interpol. There is an emerging widespread consensus among scholars and journalists over the nature of the political regime in Turkey. This would take time. Ac- abouts and their medical and other condi- cording to the prosecutor, despite repeated as- tions ever since. The sec- Convention, this means that Council of Europe ond border-control practice which prevents states are prohibited from sending someone people from fleeing to apply for international to a country where there is such a risk. For secu- coming. I was aware that the prosecutor the United States, the police stopped us at the and the overall situation in the country would airport in Poland. Our aim is to raise awareness, inspire action, and empower listeners to make a positive impact in the field of human rights. One of the tactics adopted by the Turkish government is this: If Ankara knows that its bid would falter to have someone extradited to Turkey, then the Turkish government comes up with a set of forged charges of petty crimes against a certain name. In the past, women of Turkey have always been discriminated, subjugated, and oppressed.

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