tadap web series

Tadap web series

Tadap web series has a strict father and is fed up with him, she is not allowed to do things and go out, she starts to fall in love with mohit who has a sim card shop opposite to her house. Sign In Sign In. New Customer?

Sign In. Edit Tadap Series Directed by Deepak Pandey Gajendra 13 episodes, Indraneil Sengupta Madhvi 13 episodes, Param Singh Mohit 13 episodes, Akanksha Saini

Tadap web series


Gajendra 13 episodes, Indraneil Sengupta Worst Ending. Shree Das Suneha.


Tadap is an Indian web series that was released on the Ullu app on December 6, It is a romantic drama that tells the story of two young people from different worlds who fall in love. Tadap is set in the city of Kolkata. Mohit Param Singh is a young man from a wealthy family. He is kind and gentle, but he is also very sheltered.

Tadap web series

Devtosh Mukherjee. Krishnakali Ganguly. Meera Sarang. Akanksha Saini. Abdur Rehman. Archana Mittal. Ashiesh Roy. Papiya Sengupta. Vibhu Agarwal. Deepak Pandey.

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Mohit 13 episodes, Akanksha Saini Sahil Tyagi Lalu Chacha. See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Suchi Smit Landlord Lady. Suneha 1 episode, Dreamzz Images Studio. Share this page:. See all related lists ». Release date December 6, India. Mohit 13 episodes, Rama 1 episode, Worst Ending. Mishika Sonkar Aaliya. Videos 1. Create a list ».

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Landlord Lady 1 episode, Mishika Sonkar Gajendra 13 episodes, Indraneil Sengupta Arpita Mitra 2 episodes, Ronita 1 episode, Arpita Mitra 2 episodes, Sahil Tyagi Bhaskar 1 episode, Edit Tadap Archana Mittal Suvarana. Edit page Add episode. Powered by Alexa. Browse episodes. Details Edit. Videos 1. Suchi Smit Landlord Lady.

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