phone number for microsoft account recovery

Phone number for microsoft account recovery

This article applies to iOS devices running version 5.

If you think your account has been hacked, use our interactive tool to help guide you to the right steps. Help with the Microsoft account recovery form. Help with account sign in verification codes. How to keep your account safe and secure. Combining Microsoft accounts. Accessing the account of someone who has died.

Phone number for microsoft account recovery

In case you face problems with your operating system or need assistance with any other Microsoft product, you can get in touch with the Microsoft customer service representatives by phone. The company provides a list of phone numbers for each region on its support page. To find a Microsoft customer service number in your country, you should scroll down the list, click the appropriate region, and find your country. Microsoft support is available via an AI-driven online chat. You can message a virtual agent about your problems and get solutions. To initiate a chatbot service, go to the Microsoft contacts page, scroll down, and click Get Started to open the support chat window. Enter a brief description of your issue in a text box. After submitting, you will be provided with a list of available options. Follow the prompts to get your issue resolved. Please note that email support is not available.

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Looking for help? For even faster help, search for your topic on our site. Get help. To find a customer service phone number in your country, please click a region and find your country. Note: Support cases for Surface devices may only be initiated online.

Home Home. Reset or recover your lost Microsoft account password. If you know the email address that you used to set up your Microsoft account which is used to sign in to your Xbox profile , you can reset your password now:. Go to Reset your password and enter your email address. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and should contain a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Reset your password. Note that you must have your Microsoft account email address to reset your password.

Phone number for microsoft account recovery

If you want to change a known password, see Change your Microsoft account password instead. If the "Enter password" window is still open select Forgotten your password? For your protection, Microsoft must verify your identity before you can proceed with resetting your password. Retype the first part of the email address or the last four digits of the phone number hinted at in the previous window. Confirm the code to create a new password. Learn how to create a strong password. If these steps didn't work, or you have other account sign in issues, use our Sign-in helper tool. How to help keep your Microsoft account safe and secure. Accessing the account of someone who has died.

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By pressing submit, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. We also don't associate or share your accounts in any way or with any other product or service. Help with the Microsoft account recovery form. Check out these sites below. I'm trying to get help to get back into my account after my ex stole my Xbox and account and gave it to her boyfriend and I can't get into my account I need someone to call me. Direct email for inquiries is not offered to keep customer interactions secure and efficient within their digital support hub, which enables better tracking of complex cases. Manage Office or Microsoft A personal Microsoft account to act as your recovery account. Get Edge help. What is Microsoft Customer Service Number? Media: Report fraudulent activity. Thank you! Suck on the poor man out of your mouth for a few years now you fool man of a man like yourself you have no chance to be in this position of any sort in this world you have no idea what you are doing. Linked accounts.

Are you trying to recover or access your Microsoft Account? Please keep in mind that the Microsoft account recovery process is automated, so neither Community users, Microsoft moderators, nor Microsoft live support will be able to assist in the process. February 27,

Tried all the ways suggested but all calls answered by Ai robot voice with no chance of talking to a real person. Help for signing in and managing your subscription and your apps. See all 4. Discover Community. If you don't allow the camera, you can still set up the authenticator app, but you'll need to add the code information manually. The company will reply with a solution or forward your request for further consideration. The world needs to stop being so much better than you have to do this is the only thing you can do to help people and you have nothing. Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge. We don't store any other information associated with your accounts, including emails or files. Enter a brief description of your issue in a text box. Finding product keys for Windows and Office. Didn't match my screen. To initiate a chatbot service, go to the Microsoft contacts page, scroll down, and click Get Started to open the support chat window. Trying to recover my account. Pictures helped.

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