shield hero x reader

Shield hero x reader

Realistic Urban. By the way, strip him!

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. The Reimagining of the Bow Hero by Alexanderctn Satoshi Sera, a prodigious law student, is summoned to the tumultuous world of Shield Hero. Brace yourself as he establishes democracy in a northern country and introduc

Shield hero x reader

Erhard, famed blacksmith of Melromarc, looked upon the eager faces of his three favorite customers. Their eyes were glued to the small wooden box he had just placed on the counter. Undoing the final latch, he revealed what may have been his finest work yet. A little blonde girl stood on her toes to peer at the treasure, her feathery wings beating excitedly behind her. She, too, had peculiar animal-like features: a long ringed tail, and cat-like ears atop her head. But even more striking was the way she carried herself. Lastly, the young man standing between them reached forward and took the object in his hand. Its metallic shine was reflected in his dark green eyes. His voice was even and cool, but Erhard could tell the lad was genuinely impressed. The Hero looked over to his fuzzy-eared companion. She caught it swiftly, eager to get a closer look. One ten-inch steel baton, with a smoothly tapered base and ribbed, er… shaft. Glancing at Raphtalia, she seemed more than a little impressed at his craftsmanship-- distractingly so.

Clear Filters. Kaido have done it his dream come true, he achieve it he create the greatest war against the world government, he wanted to make the Era like people who Kaido respect an

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Saitama, the hero for fun. As of the moment he stands a bored husk of his former self. The only reason he hasn't punched his way home is because the small glimpse of cha

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. The rising of the Shield Hero X On What if zoro got transported to the rising of the rising of the Shield Hero. Hero's Dagger by AnimeFan K 5. New Bow Hero [Rising of the Shield What if instead of a boy, the bow hero is a girl. What if this girl is not stupid, but is talented and smart.

Shield hero x reader

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. We're WHAT!?!?!?!?! This story takes place before the pope incident and after meeting Melty. The four cardinal hero's, including Naofumi, were summoned to the castle by the king for Malty The Monster Hero by Beast of Boredom 5. In the land of Melromarc, the four cardinal heroes were summoned, each wielding a single weapon spear, bow, sword, and shield.

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Her smile began to melt the ice that had formed around his heart. The Shield Hero shook his head. Thank you for visiting! Reprisal of the shield, and his shield. This shield hero AU is inspired by "useless child" by Kikuo. Filo: We are Master! Clear Filters. Continue Reading. Everyone in the room was yelling in disgust refusing to listen to him. A slightly older woman with long purple hair jumps down and walks up to Corrin and pulls her into a hug.

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Though, under Melty's leadership and her hard work, she should be able to manage things just fine. Being a massive weeb i know all sorts of anime, from the Big 3 to the underrated ones, i know a lot of them! Raphtalia: Where are we? Just as the title says, some characters from The Rising of the Shield Hero will be watching the series. The attack from the 3 Cardinal Hero Church wou Otherwise, you would have gone to hell. A party was being held for the heroes. The Taming of the Shield Hero. Are you a doctor of Chinese medicine in this clinic? I really wanted to tell Ophelia I loved her, but I admit I was just afraid. The Rising of he Shield Hero Fanfic? He wanted to turn to his girlfriend Zhu Hong, but she betrayed him. Receiving a letter asking for the Heroes' help, the Spear Hero travels to Zeltoble to find who wrote the mysterious letter, and, should things work out, help her figure out a way to smuggle the remaining Lurolona kids forced into slavery long ago back to their homes, without them being killed off by the corrupt officials in charge of the Arena.

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